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Strategic Planning in Academic Medicine

Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Strategic Plan for Medical Education at an Academic Medical Center

Schwartzstein, Richard M. MD; Huang, Grace C. MD; Coughlin, Christine M. EdM. June 2008.
Academic Medicine

Strategic Planning in Academic Medicine

A section from the GIP Toolkit, learn the essential elements of a successful strategic plan.

Space Planning and Management in Academic Medical Centers

A. Introduction and Table of Contents
B. Master Planning
C. Community and Environmental Coordination and Planning
D. Construction and Renovation
E. Obsolescence Plannning
F. Financial Management and Planning
G. Allocation and Realllocation of Space: The Use of Standards and Utilization Measures
H. Multisite Space Management
I. Space and Facilities Data Management Systems

Proposed Timeline & Process for Updating the Strategic Plan

Regional Health System: Proposed Timeline & Process for Updating the Strategic Plan

Aligning Planning Across the Institution

UCF Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Process

More than 207 academic programs, 105 administrative units, and 43 courses from five general education foundation areas are involved in conducting assessment at the University of Central Florida. Each year, faculty and staff collect data, report results of the previous year’s assessment, and develop assessment plans for the upcoming year.

Creating Strategic Partnerships: Faculty Affairs Offices and Human Resources Questions

Questions from the GFA- and GBA-sponsored webinar, "Creating Strategic Partnerships: Faculty Affairs Offices and Human Resources."

Constructing ‘fit for purpose’ university management in 2035

The presentation is about how people who work in universities construct university management now and in the future.

Planning in Academic Medicine

This paper is intended to illuminate the full scope of the planning role in an Academic Medicine setting. The focus is on those whose primary responsibility is planning, but the observations have relevance to the planning segment of any manager's portfolio.