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    Webinar: Physicians Compensation Strategies and Approaches in a Changing Environment

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    The AAMC and Sullivan Cotter, Inc., conducted in-depth interviews of leaders of 16 diverse faculty practice plans and member organizations to obtain an understanding of their compensation plans and strategies for faculty and community-based physicians. The goal of the study was to review and understand current and aspirational physician compensation approaches for faculty and community physicians; identify the steps organizations are taking to modify their physician compensation plans to address the transition from volume to value; and review key cultural and change management issues related to implementing transitional physician compensation approaches. The full results of this effort will be discussed during this webinar.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify current trends in the compensation approaches used for faculty and community physicians, with a focus on the complexity of these issues in an academic medical center.
    • Describe successful compensation strategies used by several institutions.
    • Understand how institutions are continuing to support education and research even as the reimbursement system is shifting.
    • Receive suggestions for approaches that can be used to help position your compensation plans back at your own institutions to be financially sustainable and consistent with the movement in reimbursement from volume to value. 


    Ivy Baer, Senior Director and Regulatory Counsel, Association of American Medical Colleges
    Lisa Keane, Consultant, Association of American Medical Colleges
    Kim Mobley, Managing Principal, Sullivan Cotter and Associates, Inc.