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MCAT for Admissions Officers

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The MCAT exam tests the foundational concepts and reasoning skills students need to be ready for today’s medical school.

Scores from the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) help admissions officers and their committees make informed decisions about applicants’ academic readiness for the medical school curriculum. Scores from the MCAT exam are among many sources of application data that admissions committees use to select students with the right academic preparation, attributes, and experiences. Using MCAT scores in holistic review can help admissions officers construct classes that meet the academic, clinical, service, and research missions of their institutions.

Learn more about the resources and information available to help admissions officers and their committees use MCAT scores.

Resources and Data on the MCAT Exam

Resources and Data for Using MCAT Scores in Admissions

Access resources, data, and tools to help admissions officers and their committees use MCAT scores in medical student selection.

MCAT Validity Research

Explore data and research studies from the MCAT Validity Committee’s work to evaluate the fairness, use, and predictive validity of the current MCAT exam.

Publications and Presentations

Download MCAT publications, articles, and regional and national presentations from the MCAT program and MCAT Validity Committee.

MCAT News, Reports & Events

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