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Institutional Membership

Our members are medical schools, teaching hospitals, and academic societies.

The best minds in academic medicine, the latest research, and the most trusted data and tools are here. Are you?

As a member of the AAMC, your medical school, teaching hospital, or academic society makes an investment in your institution, the academic medicine community, and the future of health care.  

Leaders, faculty, and individuals at AAMC-member institutions have exclusive access to professional development resources, networking opportunities, and exclusive content. Individuals also have the opportunity to participate in important national conversations about academic medicine through the AAMC Virtual Communities Network and AAMC affinity groups: councils (for institutional representatives to the AAMC), organizations (for students and residents), and professional development groups (for role-based, peer-to-peer professional development).

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What are the benefits of AAMC institutional membership?

Academic medicine comes together here.


You need to be here, too.

Medical educators, students, and residents. Researchers and care providers. Administrators and professional staff. Supporters of the nation's medical schools and teaching hospitals. The AAMC is where they all come together to craft and carry out a vision for the future of medical education, the advancement of research, and the delivery of quality care.  

Your institution has an important mission. A mission that requires you to be here, where important conversations happen. Where experts and expertise come together around the issues that affect your institution the most. Take a seat at the table and be part of the conversation. 

The AAMC develops and delivers innovative solutions.


Partner with us so that we may serve you better.

Experts in medical education, medical research, patient care, and community engagement work alongside leading voices on national policy to identify emerging issues, engage in original research, and create solutions that meet your institution's challenges. 

The priority we place on member involvement and feedback has allowed the AAMC to become the most trusted provider of vital services that support the missions of medical schools and teaching hospitals. Whether you need an individual conversation or a broad, customized solution, the AAMC is here to help you and your institution succeed. 

Medical schools and teaching hospitals have unique qualities and challenges.


No organization knows this better than we do.

AAMC staff provide expertise to advance knowledge and advocate policy. We generate the data, tools, and provide the services your institution needs to achieve its missions. 

Your feedback shapes our priorities and informs our positions. The AAMC acts on your behalf, harnessing the collective voice and perspective of the entire academic medicine community. Your engagement strengthens our impact. 

The AAMC brings many diverse perspectives together. We want yours.

What are the benefits of membership for my institution?

Medical schools in the United States and Canada accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) are eligible for AAMC membership. Membership benefits are covered by annual institutional dues.

Learn more about membership benefits.

AAMC membership is an investment in your health system, teaching hospital, the academic medicine community, and the future of health care. Membership benefits are covered by annual institutional dues.

Learn more about membership benefits.

AAMC membership is an investment in your academic society, the greater academic medicine community, and the future of health care. 

Learn more about membership benefits