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Membership for Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems

Membership Benefits

  • Ability to enroll leaders in 15 professional development groups and councils. 
  • Access to vibrant networking opportunities and private peer-to-peer communities of professionals across the entire academic medicine enterprise.   
  • Representation before Congress, federal regulatory authorities, and the executive branch.  
  • Ready access to expertise, policy resources, and critical information.  
  • Direct channels to policy thought leaders and policymakers for developing and shaping policy. 
  • Institutional membership provides access to extensive data and analysis in all areas of concern to academic medicine, including the Hospital Operations and Financial Performance (OpFin) Annual Report, the Council of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems (COTH) Quarterly Financial Survey and COTH Data Tool, and other research reports and benchmarking data.   
  • Members have the opportunity to participate in programs that build their organizational capacity and strengthen their organizational effectiveness, such as the Project CORE Initiative, the Integrating Quality Initiative, and the Research on Care Community.   
  • The AAMC retains a cadre of experts who understand the complexities and unique missions of academic medicine. AAMC analysts, researchers, and strategists advance understanding and development in medical education, science and science policy, health care delivery and quality, academic and faculty affairs, student affairs, diversity and inclusion, and more.   
  • AAMC services and resources for applicants, students, and residents replace costly administrative infrastructure and personnel expenses for your teaching hospital and offer streamlined services to future and current physicians along the continuum of their career. AAMC services help your institution attract, identify, and select students who will be successful in residency and beyond. Our services also provide you with standardized data to help you benchmark your institution against your peers. These services include:   
  1. VSLO™: Member teaching hospitals and health system have free access to the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) application service, which streamlines the management of the application and selection process for hospital-based electives and other short-term learning opportunities.    
  2. FIRST: Members benefit from the resources of Financial Information, Resources, Services, and Tools (FIRST), including financial information, services, and tools to manage and understand resident finances, loans, and debt.   
  3. Careers in Medicine®: Member teaching hospitals and health systems benefit from the resources of Careers in Medicine, a comprehensive career-planning program for residents selecting fellowship training opportunities. 
  • One free subscription to the AAMC’s peer-reviewed journal, Academic Medicine, distributed to the CEO, as well as free journal subscriptions assigned annually to group steering committee members and other select individuals serving in a volunteer leadership role.   
  • Free access to all the reports in the "Future of Academic Medicine" series.   

Member teaching hospitals and health systems have the opportunity to take advantage of additional fee-for-service resources that provide customized solutions to meet an institution's specific needs and challenges or provide professional growth opportunities to particular individuals within a member institution. 

Fee-Based Services

  • As a result of recent efforts by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the AAMC is developing initiatives to help eligible member institutions maximize opportunities for implementing and exploring alternative payment programs.   
  • Discounted fees for member institutions to post open positions on CareerConnect, the AAMC’s online job board.   
  • Preferred pricing for member institutions to use Convey®, a secure online system designed to relieve the administrative burden placed on organizations and physicians, researchers, and scientists to make required disclosures of financial interests.   
  • The AAMC produces a number of publications that are available to member institutions at a discounted rate.   
  • The AAMC Learning Center is a full-service meeting venue located on the second and third floors of the AAMC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. Preferred pricing is available for member institutions to use the space. The Learning Center staff are available to assist members in planning a successful event.