• Careers in Medicine®

    Choosing a medical specialty is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make. With increasing competition for residency positions, it's critical that you make your decisions strategically. Careers in Medicine (CiM) can help you

    • assess your interests, values, personality, and skills to help you choose specialties that best fit your attributes
    • learn details such as salary and lifestyle, prerequisites and length of training, competitiveness data, types of patients and procedures, and other characteristics of more than 120 specialties
    • compare your qualifications, pinpoint your preferences for residency training, and compare programs
    • position yourself to be more competitive to land a residency
    • and much more
  • Some users enjoy free access to Careers in Medicine. Others must purchase a subscription. Not sure which applies to you? Find out here.

    How to access Careers in Medicine®
  • Each year, Careers in Medicine recognizes individuals and programs for excellence in medical student career advising.

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  • Merely throwing an application at a program, without much effort or strategy, is not unlike throwing money at a problem. To fully explore your options and to maximize your likelihood of matching, you need a smart application strategy.

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