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    Webinar: Effective Communication

    On December 11, 2019, the GIP Professional Development Subcommittee held a webinar on Effective Communication. In today’s academic healthcare environment, a key component driving organizational success is effective communication. Whether you are grappling with mergers and acquisitions, implementing strategic plans, influencing change within your organization, or navigating high-stakes conversations, communicating effectively is an invaluable skill-set. This webinar addressed:

    • How emotional intelligence impacts the quality of communication
    • Management of ambiguity by using a solution-focused approach to close the “knowing-doing gap”
    • How to overcome the “deadly obstacles” often encountered in difficult conversations
    • Best practices for crafting high-quality messages

    Participants were asked to share their most daunting communication challenges prior to the webinar. Those examples were incorporated into the webinar as case examples.

    R. Kevin Grigsby, MSW, DSW, Senior Director, Member Organizational Development, Association of American Medical Colleges

    WEbinar Recording