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    Data Resources, Institutional Information, and School-Specific Information for GIP Members

    AAMC Member Institutions

    AAMC Member Medical Schools
    AAMC Member Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems

    Institutional Information

    Faculty Roster
    The Faculty Roster collects comprehensive information on the characteristics of paid faculty members at accredited allopathic U.S. medical schools.

    Organizational Characteristics Database 
    This database provides information on a number of salient dimensions about the organizational characteristics of medical schools and their affiliated teaching hospitals.


    Capital Investment Data (Sign in required)
    The LCME Part I-A Medical School Questionnaire (Annual Financial Questionnaire) collects data on the revenues and expenditures for U.S. medical colleges. The optional “Overview of Organization and Financial Characteristics” survey includes 39 questions that are classified as "Unrestricted" and, in accordance with the AAMC's data release policy, may be released with institutional identification. Information collected from the Survey may be used by the LCME in conjunction with its annual review of medical school programs and financing, to provide benchmarking reports that assist medical schools in better understanding and improving their financial status and operations, and to provide reliable and valid information for advocacy and research on the financial status of U.S. medical schools.

    Medical School Profile System
    The Medical School Profile System (MSPS) is a database and reporting system designed to compare medical schools in a number of areas. The majority of the data come from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) annual surveys.