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    Webinar: Operationalizing Your Strategic Plan- Part II

    On February 11, 2020, the GIP Strategic Planning and Management Subcommittee held a webinar on Operationalizing Your Strategic Plan. In practice, your organization’s strategic plan should guide your employees’ work each week, month, and year. So why isn’t it doing that? Perhaps it’s more operational than strategic. Perhaps it does not include all aspects of your organization. Perhaps no one on your campus is charged daily with ensuring its implementation. Perhaps it’s not championed by your CEO. Perhaps it lacks adequate implementation funding or data-informed buy-in. 

    The mentioned possibilities and others may stifle your institution’s ability to operationalize your strategic plan, relegating it as an afterthought. The consequences of that could be far-reaching, as healthcare needs are more demanding. Further, the landscape in academic medicine, health sciences, and healthcare is rapidly changing. Part II in a series, this webinar addresses some of these challenges and provides practical ways to resolve them.

    Sheela C. Dominguez, MBA, CRA, Executive Director of Strategic Operations, University of Miami Clinical and Translational Science Institute

    David Hefner, EdD, Vice President, Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness, Morehouse School of Medicine

    Elaine Van der Put, PhD, Senior Associate Dean for Administration, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University