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    Webinar: Facilitation - An Invaluable Skill Set to Achieve Organization's Success

    This webinar showcased best practices for members who play a facilitator role, both formally and informally, at our institutions. A great facilitator is invaluable to any organization's success. By developing a facilitative mind and skill set, you’re better prepared to:

    ▪ Design productive and inspirational meetings.
    ▪ Collect group needs and facilitate gatherings to advance the work of groups.
    ▪ Construct and deliver innovative facilitated experiences.
    ▪ Express leadership presence to drive outcomes in both small and large group settings.

    The Facilitation-An Invaluable Skill Set to Achieve Organizations' Success webinar served as a resource to sharpen members' skills.

    Sarah Peyre, EdD, Associate Dean for Innovative Education, Institute for Innovative Education, University of Rochester Medical Center

    Katy Stevenson, MPP, National Chair, Group on Institutional Planning, AAMC and Program Administrator, Strategy, Planning and Development, Office of the CEO and Dean, University of Rochester Medical Center

    Webinar Recording
    Download the presentation slides (PDF)