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    AAMC Webinar: Leveraging the Operations Management Tool (OMT) for Business Decisions and Assessing Financial and Operations Health

    The AAMC Operations Management Survey (OMS) collects data related to the overall financial and operational health of their medical school. This data collection effort is used to produce the AAMC Operations Management Tool (OMT) for participating medical schools. The OMT contains rich benchmarking data that allows users to compare their own medical school to others through decile statistics to inform budgeting and institutional planning efforts.

    The Group on Business Affairs (GBA) and Group on Institutional Planning (GIP) held a 60-minute webinar hosted by AAMC staff on February 23rd to:

    1. Discuss how data are collected through the Operations Management Survey
    2. Provide an overview of the data available in the Operations Management Tool
    3. Present sample dashboards using the OMS data to support institutional decision-making and planning
    4. Describe on-going AAMC research efforts using the OMS data


    Katy Brandenburg
    Manager of Medical School and Hospital Data
    Association of American Medical Colleges

    Alex Geboy
    Research Director for Medical School Operations
    Association of American Medical Colleges


    Presentation Slides (PDF)