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Medical Education

Make the AAMC your medical education home. Explore what we have to offer, from learning events, trainings, and professional development conferences to programs, initiatives, and scholarship on key and emerging topics. Get involved, advance your career, and help move the field of medical education forward.

Areas of Focus

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AI is changing medical education. The AAMC is bringing together the academic medicine community and sharing best practices to ensure all are equipped to respond to this important technological advancement.

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The AAMC has been a leader in CBME for more than two decades and continues to support the development, implementation, and assessment of new competencies.

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With services and programs that span the transition from undergraduate to graduate medical education, the AAMC is partnering with stakeholders across the community to improve this critical transition for learners, medical schools, and residency programs.

A woman bends over a medical manikin with a stethescope while a woman in a white coat observes.

Recognizing the undeniable benefits of diversity for improving the health of people everywhere, the AAMC is providing resources to support the academic medicine community following the Supreme Court’s ruling on race-conscious admissions.

Build Connections and Advance Your Career

Career Development

Providing individuals at member institutions with access to professional growth, leadership development, networking, and collaboration opportunities.

Medical Education

This curated set of learning events, certificate programs, affinity groups, and more can help you find the right opportunity for your career.

Medical Education

This certificate program trains clinical faculty to effectively teach quality improvement and patient safety to students, residents, and other clinicians.

Curriculum Resources

This series is an opportunity for curriculum deans, administrators, staff, leaders, and teaching faculty to learn about and explore innovations in curriculum.

Leadership Development

This program cultivates leaders in academic medicine by giving participants a foundation in leadership theory and applied practice to advance their career.

Atlanta, Ga.
Nov. 8 - 12, 2024

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Engage with colleagues through discussion threads around timely questions, share useful resources, and connect with your peers on topics of interest. Check out the medical education-focused Curriculum community and Assessment and Evaluation community.

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