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    Scholarly Publishing Webinar Series

    Improve your writing and learn how to successfully navigate the peer-review and publication processes with this free monthly webinar series hosted by the editorial teams of Academic Medicine and MedEdPORTAL.

    Sessions will cover the importance of publishing your education scholarship and practical suggestions for how to do so successfully. Sessions will include interactive exercises to practice what you have learned and time for Q&A with the featured speakers.

    All are welcome to attend. Register for the complete series.

    Upcoming sessions

    "ChatGPT: Transforming Scholarly Pursuits with Conversational AI" 
    Dec. 15 at 1 p.m. ET 
    This session will explore ChatGPT’s impact on scholarship by discussing its historical significance, predictive power, and transformative potential. Attendees will learn how ChatGPT has reshaped scholarly pursuits, can aid researchers and learners, and may address future challenges. 

    Be sure to check back as additional sessions will be added to this series.

    Past sessions

    "Responding to Peer Review: Insights for Successfully Revising Your Manuscript" 
    Sept. 29, 2023 
    This session featured speakers experienced in writing and revising manuscripts and in reviewing and making decisions about what gets published (and what doesn’t). They share insights and provide guidance on best practices for receiving and responding to feedback from peer reviewers and editors. 
    Recording | Slides | Key Moments and Helpful Resources 

    "Ready to Help! Partnering with Your Medical Librarian to Maximize Scholarly Success" 
    Aug. 18, 2023  
    Speakers discuss practical strategies for successfully partnering with medical librarians to amplify the impact of education scholarship. They also offer insights into the benefits and risks of using AI in research and explore how medical librarians can guide educators in navigating this evolving landscape.  
    Recording | Slides | Key Moments and Helpful Resources 

    "Using Inclusive Language in Scholarly Writing: A Roundtable Discussion" 
    July 13, 2023 
    Panelists discuss the principles of using inclusive language across their roles as scholars, authors, reviewers, and editors and offer practical strategies for writing that aligns with inclusive language best practices and welcomes the diversity of all people and their identities.  
    Recording | Key Moments and Helpful Resources 

    “Writing Effective Titles and Abstracts: Making Your Scholarship Stand Out”
    June 30, 2023  
    This session provides an overview of what editors look for during the peer-review process. The speakers discuss strategies for writing effective titles and abstracts for all types of scholarly publications. 

    Recording | Slides | Key Moments and Helpful Resources 

    “What Editors Want: Tips for Good Scholarly Writing”
    May 19, 2023  
    This session highlights best practices for writing clearly and concisely to increase the chances that your education scholarship will be accepted for publication.  
    Recording | Slides | Key Moments and Helpful Resources 

    "Unburdening the Minority Tax: Turning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship into Capital" 
    April 28, 2023 
    This session discusses strategies to help educators reframe the impact of prioritizing their work in diversity, equity, and inclusion and shares examples of how publishing this work can turn a minority tax into capital. 
    Key Moments and Helpful Resources (coming soon)

    “Publishing in Academic Medicine: Editors' Insights and Tips for Success”
    March 31, 2023 
    This session introduces participants to Academic Medicine, its focus areas, and editorial process. Tips for successful publication are shared, and available resources for authors are described.
    Recording | Slides | Key Moments and Helpful Resources 

    “Converting Your Teaching and Assessment into Scholarship Through MedEdPORTAL
    Feb. 23, 2023 
    This session serves as a primer on MedEdPORTAL. Speakers share strategies for publishing educational resources in MedEdPORTAL, the characteristics of a successful submission, and how to use the journal as a repository for peer-reviewed materials.
    Recording | Slides | Key Moments and Helpful Resources

    “Disseminating Your Educational Innovations Through Scholarship”
    Jan. 27, 2023 
    This session reviews principles of educational scholarship and how to frame and prepare scholarly teaching as potential submissions to medical education journals. 
    Recording | Slides | Key Moments and Helpful Resources

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