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The AAMC PREview® Professional Readiness Exam for Admissions Officers

The AAMC PREview® professional readiness exam assesses examinees’ understanding of effective and ineffective pre-professional behaviors across eight core competencies for entering medical students. This knowledge serves as a foundation for further learning and development in these competency areas during medical school and is a necessary precursor to engaging in effective behavior. When combined with other parts of the medical school application, PREview scores provide admissions officers with a more complete view of applicants and offer schools the opportunity to broaden the diversity of the applicant pool invited to interviews.

Are you interested in using PREview scores for the 2024 application cycle?

The PREview exam is open to all the schools included in the American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®).

An early decision to use the PREview exam will better position your school and your applicants for success. We recommend reviewing key decision dates below and beginning discussions with your committees soon.

Key Dates for Deciding and Announcing Use of PREview Scores

January-February 2023 Maximize applicants’ opportunity to take the PREview exam by announcing use of the exam before registration closes for March test dates. Report use of PREview scores with the AMCAS® application service.
March 2023 Increase applicants’ awareness of the PREview exam by announcing use of the exam before the Medical School Admission Requirements™ (MSAR®) online database is updated.
April 2023 Ensure applicants’ PREview scores are available when AMCAS® service begins sending applications to schools by announcing use of the exam before registration closes for May test dates.
May 2023 Ensure fairness for all applicants by announcing use of the PREview exam before applicants begin submitting applications.

Learn More About the PREview Program

Learn about the PREview exam, the goals of the exam, and how the exam is developed and scored, and how PREview scores can enhance your holistic admission process.

Resources and Data About the PREview Exam

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Access the Using AAMC PREview Data in 2024 Medical Student Selection guide, which includes information about the design, interpretation, and use of the PREview exam.

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Access resources, data, and tools to help admissions officers and their committees use PREview scores in medical student selection. (Sign-In Required)

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Explore data and research studies that evaluate the validity, psychometrics, fairness, and use of the PREview exam.

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Explore recorded webinars and presentation slides that cover PREview administration updates and results from the ongoing research and evaluation on the PREview exam.

Volunteer as a Subject Matter Expert

The AAMC relies on medical school volunteers. Volunteering is flexible and engaging. Just a few hours of your time this year ensures the value of the PREview exam.

Applicants intending to apply to a participating medical school should visit aamc.org/preview for more information about the administration of the PREview exam in 2023, including requirements for applicants, registration information, FAQs, and more.