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Medicine in the Community Grant Program

A National Medical Student Service Project

Compassion and service are essential components of being a doctor. The increasing involvement of medical students in community service efforts demonstrates that they share this belief. The AAMC is pleased to conduct an institutional grant program to encourage the development of student-initiated services and programs to the community. The AAMC manages a community service fund, the Medicine in the Community Grant Program (formerly entitled Caring for Community), a philanthropy established to assist medical students who espouse and act upon their professional responsibilities to the community.

As part of the Medicine in the Community Grant Program, AAMC member schools are eligible to receive support for community service-oriented projects in which they explore new ways to serve their local communities. Eligible programs may range from those that promote awareness about sexually transmitted diseases, to vaccination and literacy programs, to any program that fulfills an unmet need within the community. Grant awards will also be offered to eligible service programs that are currently underway.

The unique aspect of the Medicine in the Community Grant Program is its focus on projects initiated, developed, and run primarily by medical students. While faculty and institutional involvement is integral to sustaining community service efforts, the ultimate goal of the Medicine in the Community Grant Program is to encourage students to identify untapped avenues of community service. Medicine in the Community will also help students to translate great ideas into meaningful service by contributing needed start-up and supplemental funds.

Applications are not currently being accepted as the grant program is on hold while additional funding is sought; more information will be posted as it becomes available.