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Guidelines for the GFA Carole J. Bland Phronesis Award

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Individual Award - Eligibility

Individual nominees for the annual Carole J. Bland Phronesis Award should be individuals working in the area of faculty affairs or faculty development and (usually) members (or retired members) of the GFA. Members of the seated GFA Steering Committee, Subcommittees or GFA ad hoc bodies are not eligible to be nominated until at least one year after their active service has concluded.

Nominees for the annual Carole J. Bland Phronesis Award should be individuals with at least five years of history contributing to the field of faculty affairs or faculty development in academic medicine. A selection committee appointed by the GFA Steering Committee will look for evidence of a nominee's excellence as:

  • an innovator,
  • a nurturer/mentor,
  • a leader, and
  • an educator/academician with regional and/or national impact in the areas of faculty affairs and faculty development.


Online submissions will be reviewed by the Membership and Nominating Subcommittee who will rank the top three candidates and make their recommendations to the Steering Committee, who will select and notify the recipient. Upon agreement to accept the award, the Steering Committee Chair will notify the remaining nominees. The selected nominee will remain confidential until the annual GFA Professional Development Conference, at which time the recipient will be named and the award conferred.


Nomination Cycle will open April 2020

Nominations may be made by any member of the GFA, any medical school Dean or Council of Teaching Hospitals executive, or any member of the AAMC leadership (including the chairpersons/steering committees of other AAMC Groups or Councils).

The complete nomination package must include the following items:

Individual Award:

  • Letter of nomination giving the rationale and justification for the nomination. Address each of the areas (innovator, nurturer/mentor, leader, and educator/academician) in a brief narrative (three double spaced pages maximum)
  • Nominee’s narrative bio sketch (500 words maximum)
  • Current curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
  • Color headshot
  • Complete online nomination form by the nominator

The selection committee will not review additional materials. Incomplete or late nominations will not be accepted. An acknowledgement receipt for the nomination will be sent to the submitter.


  • March 2020: Call for nominations announced and submission materials available
  • April 2020: Nominations for award due to AAMC
  • May 2020: Award recipient selected and notified
  • July 2020: 2020 GFA Carole J. Bland Phronesis Award recipient announced and award presented at the GFA Professional Development Conference


Award Presentation

Presentation of the Award will be made at the Group on Faculty Affairs annual Professional Development Conference and the award recipient will be invited to address the audience with a 15-30 minute presentation.

Past Honorees

2019 Honoree

Ann J. Brown, MD, MHS
Vice Dean for Faculty
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Duke University School of Medicine

2018 Honoree

Karen D. Novielli, MD
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Thomas Jefferson University
Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University

2017 Honoree

Henry W. Strobel, PhD
Professor Emeritus
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

2016 Honoree

Luanne Thorndyke, MD, FACP
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Professor of Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School

2015 Honoree

Jeannette M. Shorey II, MD
Associate Dean for CME and Faculty Affairs
UAMS College of Medicine

2014 Honoree

Valerie Williams, PhD
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

2013 Honoree

Laura F. Schweitzer, PhD
Union Graduate College

2012 Honoree

Stephen P. Bogdewic, Ph.D.
Dr. George W. Copeland Professor of Family Medicine
Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Indiana University School of Medicine

2011 Honoree

Thomas R. Viggiano, MD
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
Mayo Medical School



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