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Group on Student Affairs (GSA)

The Group on Student Affairs (GSA) addresses issues in medical school admissions, student affairs, student diversity affairs, student financial assistance, and student records at all member medical schools.


Medical Education

The AAMC has developed a resource page with updates and information for the academic medicine community in advance of and after the Supreme Court rulings on race-conscious admissions.


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Guide to the Group on Student Affairs

The purpose of the group is to advance medical education and, specifically, to represent the interests of medical schools and medical students. The GSA advises the AAMC on matters of policy relating to the GSA's areas of interest and expertise and may recommend such policy to the AAMC governance for consideration. GSA activities include project analysis, program development, and data-gathering about emerging trends to help anticipate and respond effectively to environmental changes as they affect medical education, medical schools, and medical students.

There are three categories of GSA membership: institutional, individual, and affiliate.

Learn more about the GSA in a message from the national chair

Find the committee lists and more about the Associated Advisory Committees below here.

  • CiM Advisory Committee
  • ERAS Advisory Committee
  • The MCAT Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

Connect with other members of the GSA and stay informed on group news and priorities through the listserv.

Each year the GSA Exemplary Service Award is presented by the Group on Student Affairs (GSA) to a current or former GSA representative who has demonstrated exemplary service to the GSA. 

The Exemplary Service Award is presented by the Group on Student Affairs (GSA) to a current or former GSA representative who has demonstrated exemplary service to the GSA. 

“Exemplary service” is defined as significant and sustained leadership, expertise, and/or creativity in addressing an issue or issues of importance to the GSA. Nominees for this award shall have demonstrated, in activities appropriate to membership in the GSA, an extraordinary record of accomplishment, collaborative leadership, resourcefulness, dedication, mentoring of GSA colleagues, and commitment to the mission of the GSA. This service can be as a medical school faculty or staff member; a GSA Institutional Representative or GSA Individual member; the chair or a member of a GSA national committee (Admissions, Student Affairs, Student Diversity Affairs, Student Financial Assistance, and Student Records); a GSA representative to an associated advisory committee (AMCAS, ERAS, MCAT, MSPE, etc...); or a GSA regional or national officer.

2021 Award Recipient

Donna Elliott, MD, EdD
Vice Dean for Medical Education
Chair, Department of Medical Education
Keck School of Medicine of USC

Official governance and administration information for members of the Group on Student Affairs. 

Please use the following email addresses for your questions or comments. Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate AAMC staff member. 

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