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    GSA Committee on Student Affairs (COSA)

    The GSA National Committee on Student Affairs (COSA) provides guidance on issues related to student support and services, including personal advising, career advising; the health and well-being of medical students; the ethical and professional development of students; academic support and resources, and the preparation of students for the transition from medical school to residency.

    Committee Charge

    The Committee discusses issues of national interest that are brought to its attention by GSA constituents, inclusive of students, and AAMC staff. The Committee may identify projects, where an issue is of national importance and interest. The Committee is advisory to the GSA Steering Committee and, as such, makes regular reports to the Steering Committee and seeks approval of the Steering Committee for special projects.

    Message from the Chair

    It is my pleasure to serve as the Committee on Student Affairs (COSA) chair through November 2023 and to support the work you all do every day to produce the finest of physicians, educators, scientists and patient advocates.

    The COSA sits at the intersection of so many other important roles played by our colleagues in student records, financial assistance, wellness, diversity and inclusion, admissions, health and mental health and the other services that support our students from application to graduation, and beyond. We also work incredibly closely with our teaching faculty, curricular and assessment teams to ensure our learning environment is creating a thriving, not just surviving, experience for our diverse student body. Turning our focus forward, our community negotiates relationships with graduate medical education leaders and academic societies to advantage the best possible outcome for our soon-to-be-physicians. And of course we counsel and carry the emotions when life throws another curve ball to students that may lead to time away, decompression, or simply a hug. And when needed, we hold our students accountable to the academic and behavioral standards set forth for the safety of others.

    Student Affairs is a tough job and just when you think you have the memory muscle to manage the next crisis, your playbook pages are empty and you are back at the drawing table. This work requires the same attributes we build in our students: resilience, compassion, professionalism, and through it all, we must protect ourselves from the burnout that comes with restless nights, weekend worries and fears about the safety of our students when they are not in our watch.

    Of course you all know this if you are currently in the work and if you are transitioning into this work, welcome to a fulfilling career with many joyful celebrations as you walk alongside your medical students. Over the next few years, I look forward to building a community of practice with you to assist in your own professional development as much of that of our staff and students.

    Wishing you the best,

    Tara K Cunningham, EdD, MS
    National Chair, GSA Committee on Student Affairs
    Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

    Member Resources

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    COSA Committee Roster

    Cherie A. Singer, PhD (November 2023- November 2026)
    Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs
    University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

    GSA National Chair Elect
    Joel Maurer, MD (November 2023– November 2024)
    Assistant Dean for Admissions
    Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology
    College of Human Medicine
    Michigan State University Clinical Center

    Committee on Student Diversity Affairs (COSDA) Representative
    Kristin Powell Reavis, MD, MBS (November 2022 - November 2025)
    Assistant Professor of Family Medicine 
    Assistant Dean for Student Diversity and Inclusion 
    Residency Program Director 
    Director of Maternal Child Health 
    Department of Family and Community Medicine 
    University of Maryland School of Medicine

    Central Region (CGSA) Representative
    Corey (Madura) Koperski, MS (April 2022 – November 2026)
    Student Programs Administrator, Grand Rapids Community Campus
    Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

    Northeast Region (NEGSA) Representative
    Katherine Chretien, MD (November 2021- November 2024)
    Associate Dean for Medical Student Affairs
    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

    Southern Region (SGSA) Representative
    Jennifer Caceres, MD (November 2023- November 2026)
    Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions
    Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University

    Western Region (WGSA) Representative
    Stephanie K. Zia, MD, MACM, FAAP, FACP, FHM (November 2022 – November 2025)
    Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics & Medical Education
    Keck School of Medicine of USC
    University of Southern California
    LAC+USC Medical Center

    AAMC Staff Liason
    Irena Tartakovsky, MD, MS
    Association of American Medical Colleges