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Southern Group on Student Affairs (SGSA)

The Southern Group on Student Affairs (SGSA) mission is to advance medical education and be responsive to the unique needs, problems, and resources of the Southern Region. 

The Southern Region consists of AAMC member medical schools in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Puerto Rico.

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Guide to the Southern Group on Student Affairs

Connect with other members of the Southern Group on Student Affairs and stay informed on group news and priorities. 

Meet the leaders of the Southern Group on Student Affairs and learn about governing bodies such as boards, committees, task forces, and working groups. 

In 2015, the Southern Region of the GSA has revitalized its new member mentoring program with the goal of providing a longitudinal mentoring experience that ensures that every new SGSA member is welcomed, linked to GSA resources, and rapidly integrated into the SGSA community.  Pairings are made, when possible, based on specific area of expertise and career focus including admissions, student records, diversity, financial aid, student affairs, and student activities.  Mentor-Mentee pairs are made and communicated with in advance of the meeting, and a dedicated time will be designated during the conference to allow for members to meet and begin to establish a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship for advice, support, networking, and career development.

The program is available to any interested SGSA member.  An open-source sign up is available.

Official governance and administration information for members of the Southern Group on Student Affairs.

The SGSA-Robert “Bob” Sabalis Award for Exemplary Service is presented to a current or former SGSA representative who has demonstrated exemplary service to the SGSA.

The Southern Group on Student Affairs welcome faculty and staff in student support services at AAMC Member schools in the Southern Region.

Please use the following email addresses for your questions or comments. Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate AAMC staff member. 

Group on Student Affairs (GSA): gsa@aamc.org
Committee on Admissions (COA): coa@aamc.org
Committee on Student Affairs (COSA): cosa@aamc.org
Committee on Student Diversity Affairs (COSDA): cosda@aamc.org
Committee on Student Financial Assistance (COSFA): cosfa@aamc.org
Committee on Student Records (COSR): cosr@aamc.org

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