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    Awards - SGSA

    The SGSA-Robert “Bob” Sabalis Award for Exemplary Service is presented to a current or former SGSA representative who has demonstrated exemplary service to the SGSA.

    “Exemplary service” is defined as significant and sustained leadership, expertise, and/or creativity in addressing an issue or issues of importance to the SGSA. Nominees for this award shall have demonstrated, in activities appropriate to membership in the SGSA, an extraordinary record of accomplishment, collaborative leadership, resourcefulness, dedication, mentoring of SGSA colleagues, and commitment to the mission of the SGSA. 

    This service can be as a medical school faculty or staff member; a GSA Institutional Representative or GSA Individual Member; the chair or a member of a GSA national committee or section (Admissions, Student Diversity Affairs, Student Affairs, Student Financial Assistance, Student Records); a GSA representative to a AAMC advisory committee (AMCAS, ERAS, VSAS, CiM, MCAT, and others); or a GSA national or regional officer.


    This award may be presented at the SGSA spring regional business meeting.


    A call for nominations shall be announced annually at the SGSA regional business meeting at the fall AAMC Annual Meeting and via email by the SGSA listserv. Any SGSA representative may submit a nomination to the SGSA Awards Nominating Committee. No self-nominations will be considered. Nominations will be submitted to the SGSA Awards Nominating Committee Chair, by means of a standard nomination form preceding the SGSA regional spring meeting. The nominee’s curriculum vitae must accompany the nomination form.

    Nomination Form

    Please return the completed Nomination Form and Nominee's Curriculum Vitae to:

    Christina J. Grabowski, PhD
    Immediate Past Chair, SGSA
    Associate Dean for Admissions and Enrollment Management
    University of Alabama at Birmingham Marnix. E. Heersink School of Medicine

    Recent Award Recipients


    Adrian Jones, JD
    Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine


    Angela Mihalic
    University of Texas Southwestern


    Robert "REL" Larkin 
    University of Central Florida


    Doug Taylor
    East Tennessee State University, Quillen College of Medicine


    Jerry Clark, MD
    University of Mississippi School of Medicine


    Hilit Mechaber, MD
    University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine


    Robert Hernandez, MD
    Florida International University, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine


    Marc Kahn, MD
    Tulane University School of Medicine


    Georgette Dent, MD
    University of North Carolina School of Medicine