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    GSA Committee on Student Records (COSR)

    Initially created as the ad hoc GSA Committee on Medical Licensure in 1996, the renamed Committee on Student Records (COSR) was elevated to a regular standing committee of the GSA in 1998.

    Committee Charge

    GSA-COSR seeks to:

    • Discuss matters of national interest brought forward from GSA constituents or AAMC staff;
    • Assist COSR constituents with the interpretation and application of laws, regulations and school standards in regards to the maintenance of academic record;
    • Increase the awareness of best practices for record retention and disposal in the medical school setting;
    • Provide programming and publications that assist records professionals in their duties, including maintaining the integrity of academic records;
    • Promote professional development opportunities for medical school student records administrators; and
    • Collaborate with GSA leadership on matters that involve and/or impact the work of student records administrators.

    Message from the Chair

    I am honored to serve the national medical school records and registrar community and the AAMC as the Chair of the Committee on Student Records (COSR). It is a privilege to serve in this role and to contribute to the advancement of our profession and the quality of medical education as we continue to build on the work of our previous COSR chairs and representatives.  COSR is one of the five national committees of the Group on Student Affairs (GSA) who are advisory to the GSA Steering Committee and AAMC. Our committee is comprised of the COSR Chair, four regional representatives, a Committee on Student Diversity Affairs (COSDA) representative, an Organization of Student Representatives (OSR) Liaison, a Committee on Student Financial Assistance (COSFA) Liaison, and the GSA Committee Past Chair.

    The goal of COSR is to bring together various medical school administrators and professionals to discuss matters of national interest brought forward from GSA constituents. COSR is intended to provide a collaborative environment where matters that involve and/or impact the work of student records administrators can be discussed in an open forum. Through COSR we have the opportunity of collaborating with a team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to ensure the accuracy, security, and accessibility of student data across the nation's medical schools. Our committee is dedicated to developing and maintaining standards, policies, and best practices for student records management, as well as providing guidance and support to our colleagues in the field. We also collaborate with other AAMC groups and external stakeholders to address emerging issues and challenges related to student records in the changing landscape of medical education.

    We welcome the input of our community and encourage you to become involved by participating in our quarterly community calls, attending regional and national professional development meetings, and most importantly, by reaching out to us with the issues and concerns that affect records professionals. It is through your input that the committee can best achieve its goals and initiatives. I strongly encourage you to contact me or your regional representative with suggestions, questions, and feedback.

    Carol McGhie, EdD, MSEd
    Chair, Committee on Student Records
    Director of MSOM Student Records, Registration, & Enrollment
    University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

    Member Resources

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    Other Resources

    COSR Committee Roster

    Carol McGhie, EdD, MSEd (November 2023 - November 2026)
    Director of Student Records and Registration
    University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

    Immediate Past Chair
    Hilit Mechaber, MD (November 2023- November 2024)
    Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs
    Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
    University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

    Committee on Student Diversity Affairs (COSDA) Representative
    William Turner, MD, FACP (November 2021- November 2024)
    Associate Professor of Medicine 
    Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

    COSR Liaison to the Committee on Student Financial Assistance (COSFA)
    Celeste Fowles Nguyen, EdD (November 2023 – November 2026)
    Registrar and Associate Director, Academic Operations
    Educational Programs and Services - Office of Medical Student Affairs
    Stanford University School of Medicine

    Committee on Student Records (COSR) Liaison to COSFA
    Chasity Hawkins, MEd, MBA (November 2023 – November 2025)
    Associate Director, Financial Planning & Registrar Services
    University of Texas at Tyler School of Medicine

    Central Region (CGSA) Representative
    Matthew Edwards, MEd (November 2020 – November 2026)
    University of Iowa Health Care
    Carver College of Medicine

    Northeastern Region (NEGSA) Representative
    Hayley Erickson, MA (November 2021- November 2024)
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    Southern Region (SGSA) Representative
    Wandy Cruz-Velazquez, JD, MA (November 2023 – November 2026)
    Associate Registrar for School of Medicine
    University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine

    Western Region (WGSA) Representative
    Christina Granillo, PhD (February 2024 - November 2026)
    Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor
    Director of Academic Success
    UC Riverside School of Medicine

    AAMC Representative
    Irena Tartakovsky, MD, MS
    Director, Constituent Engagement