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John A.D. Cooper Lecture

Named in honor of John A.D. Cooper, president of the Association of American Medical Colleges from 1969 to 1986, this lecture was presented for the first time at the 1985 annual meeting of the AAMC. The lecture was originally endowed by the American Hospital Supply Corporation Foundation.

Lectures have been given by:

1985 John A. D. Cooper
1986 Paul B. Beeson
1987 Uwe E. Reinhardt
1988 Henry G. Cisneros
1989 Lauro F. Cavazos
1990 John F. Sherman
1991 Margaret Catley-Carlson
1992 Leroy Hood
1993 Bruce M. Alberts
1994 Merwyn R. Greenlick
1995 Sherif S. Abdelhak
1996 Judith Feder
1997 David Stern
1998 Barbara A. DeBuono
1999 Christopher J.L. Murray
2000 Ruth Rothstein
2001 Robert L. Marier (moderator); Valerie Florance; Edward D. Miller; Daniel R. Masys; Suzanne S. Stensaas (panelists)
2002 David M. Lawrence
2003 Edward H. Wagner
2004 Clayton Christensen
2005 David J. Brailer
2006 John E. Wenneberg
2007 Sara Rosenbaum
2008 Karen Davis
2009 Herbert Pardes
2010 Rita Charon
2011 Prathibha Varkey
2012 Rachel Naomi Remen