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Committee on Admissions

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The GSA National Committee on Admissions (COA) provides guidance on national policy and procedural issues regarding the admission of students to medical school, and the admission of transfer students or candidates with advanced standing. The Committee receives regular reports regarding two services of the AAMC: the American Medical Colleges Application Service (AMCAS) and the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

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Guide to Committee on Admissions

Meetings and Events

GSA-Admissions Listserv

The GSA-Admissions Listserv is an electronic listserv of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Group on Student Affairs (GSA). This listserv provides the opportunity for GSA members to share ideas with or query colleagues regarding specific issues of interest to the medical school admissions community.


To subscribe to the GSA-Admissions Listserv, please send an email to For subscription requests please list the following in the body of the email:

Full Name (and degree if applicable)
Office Address
Contact Information

To post messages to GSA-Admissions, send an e-mail to

To respond to a listserv message, click “Reply” and your response will be sent to the entire listserv.  To respond to only the sender you will need to re-enter the individual email address in the “To:” field.


GSA-Admissions is a private, unmoderated listserv available to Institutional GSA-Admissions Representatives, Individual GSA-Admissions Members, and Affiliate GSA-Admissions Members.

Rules and Etiquette

Appropriate professional etiquette in GSA-Admissions messages is expected of all subscribers. Since subscribers will, at times, post information of a sensitive nature to GSA-Admissions, they should exercise personal and professional judgment in forwarding specific GSA-Admissions messages to their administrative staff members who are not subscribers.

Any message containing forwarded materials should be posted to GSA-Admissions only if it contains material applicable to the GSA-Admissions audience. The use of GSA-Admissions to advertise job openings is strongly discouraged. Information about the AAMC Job Board can be found on the Career Connect Web site.

Signature Block

All GSA-Admissions subscribers should create a signature block that includes their name, title, institution, address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address. This signature block should be included in all messages.


Send all GSA-Admissions subscription requests to To unsubscribe send a blank message to Please send all email postings for the list directly to


If you have questions about GSA-Admissions, please contact

COA Committee Roster

Theodore R. Hall, MD (November 2017 – November 2020)
Associate Dean for Admissions
University of California, Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine

Central Region (CSGSA) Representative
Lina Mehta, MD (February 2017 – November 2020)
Associate Dean for Admissions
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Northeast Region (NEGSA) Representative
Valerie Parkas, MD (April 2017 – April 2020)
Senior Associate Dean, Admissions
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Southern Region (SGSA) Representative
David Grier, MD (February 2017 – November 2020)
Associate Dean for Admissions & Student Financial Services
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Western Region (WGSA) Representative
Tanisha N. Price-Johnson, PhD (November 2017 – November 2020)
Executive Director for Admissions and Financial Aid
University of Arizona College of Medicine

Committee on Student Diversity Affairs (COSDA) Representative
Marlene Ballejos, PhD (February 2018 – November 2020)
Assistant Dean for Admissions
Assistant Professor, Family & Community Medicine
The University of New Mexico School of Medicine

GSA National Vice-Chair
Anita Pokorny, MEd (November 2017 – November 2018)
Assistant Dean of Students
Assistant Professor, Family and Community Medicine
College of Medicine
Northeast Ohio Medical University

Organization of Student Representatives (OSR) Liaison
Rachel Agubosim (June 2018 – May 2019)
MD Candidate, Class of 2019
University of Toledo College of Medicine

The National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP) Liaison
Francie Cuffney, PhD (June 2018 – June 2020)
President-Elect, NAAHP
Professor of Biological Sciences; Department Head, Biology
Meredith College

Message from the COA Chair

The AAMC’s GSA Committee on Admissions (COA) represents medical school admissions officers nationally.

The COA is composed of the following members: admissions officer representatives from each of the four GSA regions; the GSA national Vice Chair; a liaison from the GSA-Committee on Student Diversity Affairs (COSDA); a liaison from the AAMC Organization of Student Representatives (OSR); and the President of the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP).

All GSA national committees are advisory to the GSA Steering Committee and to the AAMC. The COA receives and responds to information, requests, concerns and issues relating to medical school application and admission. The COA works closely with the GSA and other AAMC and external constituents in reviewing and deliberating on admissions issues referred to it. The COA works in collaboration with AMCAS, MCAT on a regular basis and with other AAMC services as needed. The COA may also be called upon to comment on, and make recommendations about, planned and ongoing AAMC projects, programs or services that relate to medical school application and admission.

The COA, while not a policy-making component of the AAMC, is routinely consulted and acts as the voice of the admissions community when the AAMC is deliberating issues and policies related to application and admission to medical school. We welcome your thoughts and encourage you to reach out to your regional representative with any concerns. The COA's recommendations regarding any changes in AAMC policies and procedures are considered first by the GSA Steering Committee and, if approved, are forwarded by the GSA Steering Committee to the AAMC Council of Deans for further consideration.

On behalf of the COA, I welcome you and hope that you will find the resources available on this site useful and informative.

Carolyn J. Kelly, MD
Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs
University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
Chair, GSA National Committee on Admissions

Handbook for Admissions Officers

The Handbook for Admissions Officers updated by the Committee on Admissions in 2015 compiles key information, examples of best office practices, and general wisdom based on decades of experience. This handbook is included within the GSA Member Handbook in order to reflect the important relationship between admissions and student affairs. In an effort to go green, this handbook is not available in print. However, you may download the entire handbook here.