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    GBA Human Resources Toolkit

    This toolkit was designed to provide human resource related sourced documents for administrative professionals in Academic Medical Centers. Here you’ll find template job descriptions, policies, and other documents, both requested and provided by your colleagues from the GBA HR Interest Group in AMC’s across the country.

    Job Description Library

    Leadership Mission-Based Technical/Professional Support
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (PDF) Administrative Manager (PDF) Administrative Assistant (PDF)
    Associate Department Administrator (PDF) Administrative Supervisor (PDF) Administrative Assistant Sr (PDF)
    Center Administrator (PDF) Biostatistician I (PDF) Clinical Program Associate (PDF)
    Chief Financial Officer (PDF) Biostatistician II (PDF) Clinical Research Coordinator I (PDF)
    Chief of Staff (PDF) Biostatistician III (PDF) Clinical Research Coordinator II (PDF)
    Chief Operating Officer (PDF) Business Manager (PDF) Clinical Research Coordinator III (PDF)
    CTO Clinical Research Manager (PDF) Business Manager Sr (PDF) Executive Assistant (PDF)
    Department Administrator (PDF) Business Operations Coordinator (PDF) Lab Animal Technician I (PDF)
    Director of Budget and Controller (PDF) Business Operations Coordinator Sr (PDF) Lab Animal Technician II (PDF)
    Director of Finance and Administration (PDF) Case Manager I (PDF) Lab Animal Technician III (PDF)
    Division Administrator (PDF) Case Manager II (PDF) Operations Assistant (PDF)
    Operations Director (PDF) Faculty Compensation Consultant (PDF) Program Coordinator I (PDF)
    Public Information/Communications Director (PDF) Medical Physicist (PDF) Program Coordinator II (PDF)
    Research Administrator (PDF) Medical Physicist Sr (PDF) Program Coordinator III (PDF)
    Vice President of Human Resources (PDF) Psychometrist (PDF)  
      Research Associate I (PDF)  
      Research Associate II (PDF)  
      Research Nurse I (PDF)  
      Research Nurse II (PDF)  
      Research Scientist I (PDF)  
      Research Scientist II (PDF)  
      Research Technologist I (PDF)  
      Research Technologist II (PDF)  
      Research Technologist III (PDF)  

    Model Policies

    Letter Templates


    Contact: gba@aamc.org