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    Call for AAMC Advancing Holistic Principles Advisory Committee Members

    Deadline: Monday, February 23, 2024


    Holistic Review, as defined by the AAMC, is a mission-driven approach that assesses individuals based on their experiences, attributes, and metrics (EAMs) to select applicants who align with a program's goals and contribute to the medical profession. Originally developed for admissions, the AAMC's Holistic Review Framework and principles are being extended throughout the academic medicine ecosystem. An end goal is to contribute to cultivating a broadly diverse physician and research workforce capable of delivering high quality, culturally responsive care and advancing biomedical research and health care delivery.

    The Advancing Holistic Principles Advisory Committee (AHPAC) comprises members spanning the medical education continuum. Established in 2007, it informs the vision for holistic principles, offers consultation, develops resources, contributes to the scholarly literature, and advises AAMC staff on holistic review initiatives. To see some examples of resources created by and in partnership with our committee, please visit our website.

    Representation Sought

    The Advisory Committee is currently seeking members representing the following role-based perspectives:

    • Admissions dean/director
    • Pathway program leaders, managers, and/or coordinators
    • Other positions across the medical education continuum

    Time Commitment and Activities

    Term: Three years with a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. 
    Time: Quarterly 2-hour virtual meetings with one 1.5 day in-person or virtual meeting.

    All members of the advisory committee also serve on one or more committee-initiated working groups. Working groups typically hold monthly one-hour meetings and engage in projects in between these meetings. The total time per/month is three - six hours.   

    Call for Self-Nominations

    Indicate your interest in becoming a member of the advisory committee by submitting:

    1. A letter of interest including your name, title, institution, an explanation of why you’d like to become a member of the advisory committee and the perspective(s) and experience you would contribute.
    2. A brief CV (no longer than four pages)


    Email submissions to holisticreview@aamc.org by Friday, February 23, 2024.

    Selection Criteria

    Nominee submissions will be reviewed by a core team of AAMC staff members. Selections will  be based on the following criteria:

    1. Role-based perspective
    2. Letter of interest that aligns with the advisory committee’s mission and charge
    3. A systems mindset
    4. Willingness to challenge conventional thinking and practice
    5. Interest in contributing to scholarship
    6. Contribution to the overall diversity of backgrounds and perspectives of the committee


    Decisions will be sent via email by March 8, 2024. Nominees who are not selected to participate on  the advisory committee may be invited to participate on or give input to working groups associated with their role-based perspective.