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ERAS 2019 Season Program Registration

ERAS Account Maintenance (EAM) is currently open for ERAS 2019 program registration. EAM is the system in which programs update important contact information, indicate their participation status for the ERAS 2019 season, and provide additional program information.

ERAS Account Maintenance (EAM)

As a reminder, EAM is separate from the Program Directors Workstation (PDWS) and requires separate login credentials.
For security purposes, two separate emails will be sent to access EAM:
1. An email with step-by-step instructions to login to EAM. This email will include a password.
2. A second email with an EAM login ID.
It is important for programs to complete the EAM process prior to May 31, regardless of a program’s recruitment cycle, as applicants can start researching programs in early June.

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Upcoming Dates

April 2018

ERAS Registration- DIOs, DMEs, and Programs register for the ERAS 2019 season. Programs must complete registration to receive ERAS news and updates as well as indicate their participation status for the upcoming season.

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Looking for ERAS data?
Check the ERAS Statistics page for current and historical data about applicants and applications.

Looking for training resources?
Webinar recordings, tutorials, job aids, and the Web-based user guide are available through the ERAS Community site.

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