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Planning for Residency Interviews

Tips for Managing the Interview Process

The AAMC understands that the residency selection process is both an exciting and stressful time for applicants, programs and schools alike. We appreciate the countless hours and the boundless passion that you have put into carefully selecting and training our next generation of physicians.

Because interview time is such a busy period for everyone, the AAMC is working to help raise awareness and address some counter-productive behaviors that impact the interview process for all. The number of applications combined with the competitive, intense and fast-moving nature of the process has resulted in programs:

  • Offering more interviews than they have interview space
  • Overlooking some qualified applicants due to the large number of applications
  • Using self-scheduling programs to handle the volume of applicants and number of schedule changes, which reduces the program’s ability to consider applicants individually
  • Wasting staff time in coordinating and planning for interviews that do not happen because students cancel at the last minute, or do not show up at all.

    We have provided applicants and schools with guidelines that we hope will help them make the best use of their time, act professionally and effectively manage their interview scheduling process. Your program can help by:

  • Informing applicants about your timeline for sending invitations and conducting interviews. This can be done through ERAS Account Maintenance, by entering the information in the program details site, and/or by posting this information on your program’s website.
  • Limiting the number of your invitations to the number of openings that you have available and providing applicants with a designated period of time to respond before offering interviews to other candidates. If you do choose to offer more invitations than interview opportunities, clearly explain your policy and your approach to applicants.
  • Posting and communicating your deadlines for interview cancellations.
  • Sending a confirmation email to applicants a week before their interviews.
  • Notifying a school’s dean’s office if an applicant does not show up for their interview or cancels at the last minute.

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