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ERAS® for Programs: Staff Training

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While the Program Directors’ WorkStation (PDWS) is designed to be user-friendly, we have numerous resources to help your staff maximize the features in the PDWS to streamline your program’s application process.

Upcoming PDWS Webinar Training

Using the PDWS During SOAP®

Thursday, March 5, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Description: ERAS will provide an overview of how to review, filter, and rank SOAP® applicants within the Program Director’s WorkStation (PDWS).

Additional topics covered:

  • SOAP® Participation
  • SOAP® 2020 ERAS Schedule
  • Residency Management System (Post SOAP)

A recording of the webinar will be available on the Community site under the ‘Learning Resources’ ‘Webinar’ tab. 


Download the NRMP and ERAS SOAP Guide for Programs.

ERAS Community Site

The ERAS Community site provides PDWS users with an easy-to-use discussion forum where users can connect, engage and share their residency and fellowship recruitment process and best practices with other program members. The Community site is your go-to-place to connect with other members, ask for advice and share your expertise about the PDWS.

(Please note: Only users with active PDWS accounts will have access to the Community site.)

Webinar recordings, tutorials, job aids, and user guide are available through the ERAS Community site. They cover everything from a basic overview of the PDWS to pre-season prep, filters, and more. New resources will be released throughout the season as new functionality becomes available in the PDWS.

Log in to the ERAS Community site. Your username and password are the same as what you use for the PDWS application.

ERAS Getting Started Guide

Download the ERAS 2020 PDWS Getting Started Guide (PDF)

Understanding Unconscious Bias in Residency Recruitment

Unconscious bias may have a significant impact on the medical residency application process. In support of the ERAS team’s commitment to Training and Learning, the AAMC’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion has developed and shared an informative video available for your understanding of unconscious bias in academic medicine.

Overall, the AAMC strives to cultivate human capital by enhancing the skills of individuals; build organizational capacity by improving institutions’ ability to use diversity as a driver of excellence; and grow a diverse and culturally-prepared health workforce by improving the integration of public health concepts into medical education