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ERAS® for Programs: FAQs for Staff

General Questions

Yes, any user that you would like to get access to the PDWS, will need an AAMC username and password.

Yes, the DIO/DME does need to login to the PDWS to send out an invitation. If they cannot remember their login information they can use the forgot password link at the login page to reset the password or otherwise contact the AAMC Support Center (ASC) for login assistance.

You must receive an invitation to the web based PDWS before you will be able to access your program and view your applications. Please first check your email to see if you have overlooked the invite from aamc_registration@aamc.org. In the email, please click on the invitation link and log in with your AAMC username and password. If you have not received your invitation or it has expired, please contact your program director or your DIO/DME to have them resend an invitation.

A program must indicate that they are participating in ERAS Program Management (EPM) before the program can be accessed in PDWS. In addition, you must receive an invitation, and click on the access code link, for each program. Some roles allow users to access all programs under an institution.

If you give a user a reviewer interviewer role, they can only see applicants that they are assigned to or scheduled with.

Only program super users (PSU) or alternate program super users (APSU) can modify data filters. Your program director can change your role from PC1 to alternate program super user in the PDWS General Setup.

Verified users are ones who have registered and logged in through the invitation link but have not agreed to the terms and conditions. Active users have logged in and accepted the terms and conditions. You do not need to re-invite returning users.

Yes, please visit this site for details on the program cycles.


You should be able to log into the PDWS through mobile devices. However, the PDWS pages are not built for mobile devices so it will display better on a computer.

Application Filters

Running the filters are specific for each user. Users can log in and apply different filters without affecting other users. Marking filters as favorites is user specific.

Yes, users that can run filters, will be able to see all filters that you have created.

Yes, you may view applications by a specific track, but first you will have to create a filter to view the applicants who applied to that track.



Yes, prior seasons' application data can be accessed under the Archives module of the PDWS.

Interviewing and Scheduling


For information about interview scheduling in the 2025 ERAS season, please refer to the FAQs for the AAMC-Thalamus Strategic Collaboration.

For information about interview scheduling in the 2025 ERAS season, please refer to the FAQs for the AAMC-Thalamus Strategic Collaboration.


Responses from applicants come back to the PDWS. Click on the Program Messages tab to view their replies.


They will see that the email is from the program.

All messages are blind carbon copied, which means that the applicant will not see if other applicants were included in the email.


Yes, you can use bulk actions to print multiple applications into PDF file(s) either into separate files for each application or into a single PDF file for multiple applications.


Register your program in ERAS Program Management (EPM) to indicate your program’s participating status for the season, configure training tracks, update contact information, and list program information. Doing so is crucial to participating in ERAS and a pre-requisite to receiving applications in ERAS.

Registration e-mails are typically sent in April. The registration email will specify when you may login to ERAS Program Management (EPM) with your AAMC account to complete the registration process. If you did not receive a registration e-mail or are a new program, please contact the AAMC Support Center (ASC).

To confirm your program’s participation status, log into ERAS Program Management (EPM). The participation status will be listed under the Program Management tab. If the participation status is not accurate, please update the status under the Program Management tab. You may also check the ERAS® Participating Specialties & Programs page.

Updating contact information pertaining to your program can be done within ERAS Program Management (EPM) by signing in to PDWS with your AAMC account. ERAS cannot make these changes for you, they must be done by a program user.

If the Program Director or Program Coordinator did not receive the registration email, it may be due to the email addresses in our system no longer being current. To verify your email address, please log into PDWS and navigate to the ERAS Program Contact Information section under the Setup tab to update the information. Another reason for not receiving the email may be that the email was blocked by your institution’s email system or marked as junk mail or spam. If this occurred, please ensure ERASRegistration@aamc.org is a trusted email sender.