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ERAS® for Programs: Timeline

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For applicant specific information, please see the residency applicant timeline and website.


June  - ERAS 2020 Season Begins

  • Programs update their websites to reflect requirements and deadlines.

June 6

  • ERAS 2020 seasons opens.
  • Applicants can register on MyERAS and begin working on their application.


Mid-Late June

  • The ERAS 2020 season will open for preseason setup the week of June 20 for July cycle programs and institutions. Program resources updated on the ERAS website

July 5

  • Fellowship applicants start applying to July application cycle programs only.


July 15

  • July cycle ACGME fellowship programs start receiving applications.

  • July cycle program users with a Reviewer/Interviewer role will gain access to the PDWS.

August - October

  • Fellowship programs continue recruitment

September 5

  • Applicants start applying to ACGME   -  accredited residency programs.

September 15

  • ACGME-accredited residency programs start receiving applications.
    • Note: The displayed date in the Program Director’s Work Station (PDWS) for residency applicants who apply between September 5 and 14 will be September 15.

October 1

  • MSPEs are released to ACGME residency programs. *MSPEs can be uploaded at any time and are sent to all programs an applicant applies to, but are not visible to ACGME residency programs until October 1, 2019.

November 15

  • December cycle programs gain access to the PDWS for ERAS 2020.

November 21

  • Applicants begin applying to December cycle ACGME fellowship programs.

November - December

  • Residency programs continue recruitment.

December 1

  • December cycle fellowship programs start receiving applications. Note: All December cycle fellowship applicants who apply between November 21 and November 30 will display with a December 1 applied date in the PDWS.



  • Urology match results are available.

January - March

  • Fellowship programs continue recruitment.


Spring - ERAS Registration

  • DIOs, DMEs, and Programs register for the next ERAS season. Programs must complete registration to receive ERAS news and updates as well as indicate their participation status for the upcoming season.