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    Communications - SGSA

    The SGSA hosts an electronic discussion group called SGSAList, which facilitates communication among medical school administrators (admissions, student affairs, student diversity affairs, student records and financial officers), and staff who are members of the Group on Student Affairs (GSA) and located in the southern region of the United States.  Peers can exchange ideas, post information and questions, and seek solutions using this email list.  In addition, the SGSA Leadership uses this list to provide information about regional elections and other important information.

    To Join the Listserv

    SGSAList is available to GSA members in the southern region only. New subscription requests should contain the following information and be sent to gsa@aamc.org:

    • Full Name (and degree if applicable
    • Title/Position
    • Institution
    • Office Address
    • Contact Information

    You will receive an email confirmation once your subscription has been activated.

    To unsubscribe send a blank message to gsa@aamc.org with the subject "Unsubscribe from SGSAList.”

    To Post a Message to the List

    To post messages to the SGSAList, send an email to sgsalist@lists.aamc.org.

    To respond to a listserv message, click “Reply” and your response will be sent directly to the sender of the current message.

    You may reply to the entire list by re-entering sgsalist@lists.aamc.org in the “To:” field.

    Note: Each message is sent to the entire list as a single email.