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Patient Care Staff 

Janis Orlowski, MD, MACP
Chief Health Care Officer

As the head of Health Care Affairs, Janis M. Orlowski focuses on the interface between the health care delivery system and academic medicine, paying particular attention to how health care in academic settings can address quality-of-care and patient-centered care issues. She also oversees the AAMC's research in the area of workforce studies. Dr. Orlowski represents the interests of approximately 400 major teaching hospitals and health systems, including 51 Veterans Affairs medical centers, through the AAMC Council of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems, in addition to overseeing the coordination of subject matter expertise and resources to inform the work of the Group on Faculty Practice, Group on Resident Affairs, Chief Medical Officers Group, Group on Information Resources, and the Compliance Officers Forum.

Lauren Musick
Assistant to Chief Health Care Officer

Ivy Baer, JD, MPH
Sr. Director and Regulatory Counsel
Telephone: 202-828-0499

Ivy Baer heads the policy and regulatory group which is responsible for a wide range of issues related to Medicare, Medicaid, and IRS requirements for 501(c)(3) hospitals.

Jennifer Faerberg, MHSA
Director, Health Care Affairs
Telephone: 202-862-6221

Jennifer Faerberg, MHSA, is responsible for regulatory and policy issues related to quality and patient safety in academic medical centers with a primary focus on hospital performance-based payment programs.

Merle Haberman, MHA
Sr. Director, Health Care Affairs
Telephone: 202-741-6458

Merle Haberman is responsible for data and research initiatives related to the economic issues facing academic medical centers. 

Gayle Lee, JD
Director, Health Care Affairs
Telephone: 202-741-6429

Gayle Lee is responsible for regulatory and policy issues related to physician payment and quality reporting.

Scott Shipman, MD, MPH
Director, Health Care Affairs
Telephone: 202-828-0979

Scott Shipman is the Director of Primary Care Affairs and Workforce Analysis.  He guides AAMC activities promoting the role of primary care in emerging high-value ambulatory care models, and directs Project CORE, a multi-center CMMI Health Care Innovation Award, focused on improving efficiency and quality of care delivered at the interface of primary and specialty care.