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Themes for Advancing the Academic Health System for the Future

Eight themes emerged from the study Advancing the Academic Health System for the Future:

  • The AMC of the future will be system based with the ability to compete with growing community based systems offering the full spectrum of care.
  • An AMC requires strong and aligned governance, organization, and management systems committed to a unified direction, transparency, and accountability for performance.
  • University relationships will be challenged to change as AMC systems grow and develop, requiring a reduced dependence on clinical income, supporting the need for clinical growth, and stimulating productive new relationships with industry.
  • Growth and complexity of AMC systems requires an enhanced profile for Department Chairs, new roles for physician leaders, and evolution of the practice structures to focus on organizational leadership designed to lead faculty into a new era of health care.
  • Transparency in quality, performance, and financial information at all levels of the organization is central to high achievement that is demonstrable to patients and purchasers and creates higher performance within the system.
  • National imperative to bend the cost curve will require a more efficient AMC operating model capable of streamlining operations to reduce waste and create a culture of continuous process improvement.
  • AMCs Must Be Leaders in Population Health now, as purchasers look to reward organizations that can demonstrate outcomes for attributed populations of patients.
  • Candid assessment of strengths and weaknesses is essential to achieve change and implement a successful model for the future.