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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Hotspotting Minigrant FAQs

  • Who should I include on my interprofessional student team? What is the minimum number of students you want involved?
  • What should I look for in a faculty advisor?
  • What will be expected of my faculty advisor?
  • How should I approach my dean about participating?
  • Will each student need to attend all learning collaborative webinars?
  • What can the grant funds be used for?
  • Is it possible to have two teams per school?
  • How many patients will we be working with?
  • Who selects the patients we will follow?
  • What is the time commitment expected?
  • How often should we see our patients?
  • Have you followed pediatric patients and their families?
  • Are there similar teams and programs set up for residency programs?
  • Have any prior participants been offered course credit for this program?
  • Can a group from an Osteopathic school submit an application?
  • What if there are other hot spotting activities underway at my school and/or affiliated hospitals?
  • What if some of our team members go off to rotations in the other communities during the project?
  • If we aren't selected to be part of Cohort 2, can we still participate in all the events (webinars/forums) on our own time and at our own expense?

Faculty Hotspotting Minigrant FAQs

  • Why are we asking students to visit patients at home?
  • What are the safety concerns for students who embark on this project?
  • Does this project require IRB approval?
  • What are the legal issues students should consider?
  • Do students have any liability while participating in this project?
  • What is the desired outcome of this project?

Ten Steps to Hot Spotting Guide FAQs

  • Why did the AAMC develop a ten step guide to health care hot spotting?
  • Where can I learn more about the concept of health care hot spotting?
  • Is there other evidence that targeting those patients that frequently visit hospitals can lead to better health outcomes and a reduction in health care costs?
  • I’m just a student/resident/other health care provider. Can I get involved in hot spotting?
  • I read the guide, but I am still not sure how to get started. Can you provide some samples of the materials you talk about in the guide?

Ten Steps to Hotspotting Guide

Hot Spotting Cover

Download the Ten Steps to Hotspotting Guide

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