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Integrating Quality (IQ)


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Improvement of self, others, and systems is core to being a physician and part of the healthcare team.


It is 2020. In addition to traditional teaching and learning activities in medical school and residency, all learners are exposed to and tested on their competencies in quality improvement and patient safety.

These competencies include interpersonal and communication skills, interprofessional collaborative care, systems-based practice, practice-based learning and improvement, cultural competency, and other aspects of quality-driven practice.

This marked transformation from the medical education curricula of the early 21st century was the direct result of the AAMC's efforts to educate and train faculty and facilitate the integration of quality improvement and patient safety principles into medical education curricula and activities across the continuum.


The initiative is led by a multidisciplinary, cross-professional panel composed of nationally renowned leaders in quality improvement and patient safety (QI/PS). By convening and collaborating with this panel, we will:

  • Identify and classify teaching resources currently in AAMC's MedEdPORTAL (MEP) specific to quality improvement, patients safety, health equity, and performance improvement;
  • Stimulate and support the submission of teaching, evaluation, and related resources in quality improvement and patient safety to MEP;
  • Conduct an international environmental scan of resources for teaching quality improvement and patient safety in clinical settings;
  • Identify competencies, milestones, assessment methodology, and design principles for teaching quality improvement and patient safety in clinical settings;
  • Coordinate and facilitate a national faculty development initiative in concert with other national stakeholders; develop and disseminate faculty development educational programs and curricula;
  • Collaborate with other health professions to foster faculty development in quality improvement and patient safety;
  • Create a website that includes resources and sharing of best practices for teaching quality improvement and patient safety in clinical settings;
  • Provide resources and support for learners in practice-based quality improvement and safety;
  • Publish a report of the current state of teaching quality improvement and patient safety in clinical settings and recommendations for desired outcomes;

Steering Committee

Robert Baron, MD, MS – AAMC/University of California, San Francisco

Raj Behal, MD, MPH – Rush University Medical Center

Linda Headrick, MD, M.S. (Chair) – University of Missouri – Columbia School of Medicine

Dave Mayer, MD – University of Illinois College of Medicine

Susan Pingleton, MD – University of Kansas Medical Center

Kelley Skeff, MD, PhD – Stanford University School of Medicine

Dave Sklar, MD – University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Prathibha Varkey, MD, MPH, MHPE – Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Brian Wong, MD, FRCPC – University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

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Senior Program Specialist, Educational Affairs

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