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Group on Information Resources (GIR)

The Group on Information Resources (GIR) promotes excellence in the application and integration of information resources in academic medicine. 


Group on Information Resources
Ritz Carlton New Orleans, New Orleans, La.
May 29 - 31, 2024
Group on Information Resources

When COVID shut down our in-person teaching and learning operations, institutions, along with the faculty, staff, and learners pivoted to virtual experiences an

Group on Information Resources

GIR Community Celebration

  • Feb. 7, 2024
Group on Information Resources

The GIR Medical School IT Survey gathers data on information technology (IT) organization, governance, products, financing, staffing, priorities, and trends.

Guide on Group on Information Resources

Heather Sacks
Director, Constituent Engagement

Katie Beale
Constituent Engagement Senior Specialist

Natalie Floyd
Administrative Specialist

To reach a member of the GIR program staff, please contact GIR@aamc.org

The GIR provides a forum for individuals in relevant roles of leadership and responsibility to promote excellence in the application and integration of information resources in academic medicine, including medical education, clinical care, and health sciences research. In an age when information technology is a strategic asset, GIR’s research, professional development, and policy setting is vital to the advancement of medical teaching institutions. 

The GIR engages and informs members across the health education continuum on numerous topics including technology application and innovation, legislation and compliance, medical simulation, patient privacy and security, infrastructure guidance, educational resource delivery, medical informatics, and developing industry leadership.  

The GIR has over 900 members, from medical schools and teaching hospitals, where they hold positions as CIOs, associate or assistant deans, IT directors, education technologists, informaticians, and librarians. It meets once a year during the spring at the Information Technology in Academic Medicine Conference and offers additional engagement and networking opportunities. 

Members are appointed or can request to join the group. 

Per the GIR Rules and Regulations, “The membership shall consist of persons appointed by the dean of member medical schools, including affiliate and provisional members and persons appointed by chief executive officers of member teaching hospitals or health systems of the Association of American Medical Colleges. The appointed group member(s) shall serve at the pleasure of the respective appointing authority. Each appointing official at an AAMC member institution may appoint up to three voting members to the GIR. Faculty, staff, residents, and students of AAMC member institutions who are not appointed as voting members may join the GIR as non-voting individual members.”

To join the GIR, please email gir@aamc.org.

GIR listservs

The GIR hosts multiple listservs to serve as discussion threads and sources of timely news about technology in academic medicine. If you are a GIR member and would like to post a question to the listserv, please send your message directly to gir@lists.aamc.org.

GIR List

For discussion among the GIR membership on various topics of interest and concern to the community. GIR listserv subscribers can search and browse archived messages (Sign-In Required) exchanged over the discussion list.

AAMC Listserv Policy

For information about AAMC listserv guidelines, please review the AAMC Listserv Policy.

GIR Work Group and Community Lists

Each of the GIR Work Groups and Communities have listservs for their specific membership.

Leading Information Technology in Academic Medicine List

For alumni of Leading Information Technology in Academic Medicine to discuss effective leadership at their institutions.

Official governance and administration information for members of the Group on Information Resources. 

The GIR awards recognize member contributions to academic medicine information technology.

The Group on Information Resources offers numerous opportunities for members to collaborate and participate in group decisions and governance.

The GIR offers numerous opportunities for members to collaborate and participate through work groups

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