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Rules and Regulations - GIR

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I. Name 

The name of the organization shall be the “Group on Information Resources, of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)” herein after referred to as the GIR. 

II. Purpose 

The purpose of the organization is to provide a forum for individuals in relevant roles of leadership and responsibility to promote excellence in the application and integration of information resources in academic medicine, including medical education, clinical care, medical and health sciences research, health science libraries, public health, and institutional planning. 

A. The GIR fosters: 

  1. development and continued improvement of information resources in AAMC member medical schools, teaching hospitals and health systems, and academic societies; 
  2. professional development of leaders of information resources in medical schools and teaching hospitals; 
  3. development of policies that recognize the fundamental importance of information resources in medical education, health care delivery, clinical care, and basic and clinical research; 
  1. collaboration with other professional groups, the advancement of research in information resources, medical informatics and related science and technology and the dissemination of the results of that research. 

B. A primary function of the GIR is to stimulate the collaboration and development of quality information resources in medical schools and teaching hospitals by: 

  • promoting communication among GIR members; 
  • promoting communication between AAMC and constituent groups; 
  • contributing advice and input from informed GIR members to the AAMC on matters related to information resources; 
  • being responsive in identifying GIR member needs; 
  • exploring activities related to information resources within other AAMC groups. 

C. A primary function of the GIR is helping institutions realize the vision of integrated information systems in academic medical centers. 

III. Membership 

The membership shall consist of persons appointed by the dean of member medical schools, including affiliate and provisional members and persons appointed by chief executive officers of member teaching hospitals or health systems of the Association of American Medical Colleges. The appointed group member(s) shall serve at the pleasure of the respective appointing authority. Each appointing official at an AAMC member institution may appoint up to three voting members to the GIR.  Faculty, staff, residents, and students of AAMC member institutions who are not appointed as voting members may join the GIR as non-voting individual members. 

The Steering Committee may appoint other interested individuals without voting rights.  In this manner, appropriate individuals may become ex-officio members of the group. 

IV. Officers 

The officers of the GIR Group shall include a Chairperson, a Chairperson-Elect, an Immediate Past Chairperson and Executive Secretary. 

To be eligible for the position of Chairperson-elect, candidates must be formally appointed to the membership of the Group by a medical school dean or teaching hospital chief executive officer. 

The term of the Chairperson shall be for one year and shall commence at the Group’s subsequent annual meeting. The Chairperson of the Group may not serve consecutive terms as Chairperson. 

The Executive Secretary shall be an AAMC staff member appointed by the AAMC President.  The Executive Secretary shall coordinate the provision of appropriate staff support and assist in the general direction of the GIR. 

Contact with major related organizations outside the Group shall be coordinated with the Group Executive Secretary. 

V. Committees 

A. The steering committee.  The GIR Group Steering Committee shall be composed of: 

  • The Chairperson, the Chairperson-Elect, and the Immediate Past Chairperson and such additional members as described below. 
  • Additional members shall be six elected members who shall each serve, three-year terms, two individuals to be elected each year so as to provide staggered membership. 

The GIR Group Steering Committee shall manage the affairs of the Group.   

A Steering Committee member who is no longer employed by the appointing medical school or teaching hospital may complete an elected term on the Steering Committee only if the he or she continues employment with an AAMC member medical school, or teaching hospital. 

B. A Nominating Committee, appointed each year by the Steering Committee, shall be chaired by the Immediate Past Chairperson.  It shall make nominations for the Chairperson-Elect and other open positions, and such nominations shall be publicized in advance to the membership.  Members, providing the consent of the nominee has been received, may make additional nominations from the floor, unless the election is by electronic ballot, in which case, additional nominations must be made at least 30 days before for the election is held. 

The Nominating Committee will recommend to the Steering Committee any replacement Officer or Officer-Elect, if the previously elected person is unable to serve.  The Steering Committee will then make such replacement appointment, and these will remain effective until the next Group election. 

C. Other Standing or Ad hoc GIR Group Committees may be authorized by vote of the Steering Committee of the Group.  

Appointment to Committees shall be made by the GIR Group Chairperson with the approval of the Steering Committee.  

Committee Chairpersons shall be appointed by the GIR Group Chairperson.  

The Standing Committees and their functions shall be reviewed periodically by the Steering Committee.  Those committees no longer needed may be dissolved upon recommendation of the Steering Committee.  

Descriptions of the purpose and functions of each Group committee shall be appended to the Rules and Regulations.  The committee description shall not be considered an official part of the Rules and Regulations.  Major changes in the committee descriptions shall be made only by or with the approval of the GIR Group Steering Committee. 

VI. Meetings and Quorums 

Meetings may be designated as open or closed.  Attendance at closed meetings is limited to members and persons specifically invited. 

A business meeting of the Group membership shall be held at least annually. 

The Steering Committee shall meet in person or by conference call. Conference calls or electronic communication may be used to conduct business of the Steering Committee and may be used, when practical, in place of other regular meetings.  Fifty percent of the Steering Committee will constitute a quorum. 

Fifty percent of the voting members attending a   regularly scheduled meeting or conference that includes a business meeting shall constitute a quorum at the Group’s business meeting. 

Formal actions may be taken and elections held at meetings of the membership or the Steering Committee at which a quorum is present.  At such meetings, decisions will be made by majority vote of those qualified to vote, or in the case of the Steering Committee by majority vote or by consensus.  Actions and elections may be held by electronic ballot using tools suitable for this purpose provided by AAMC.   In each such case, the forwarding communication shall specify the date and time when the balloting shall close.  Where actions or elections are taken by electronic ballot, the decision will be determined by a majority of votes cast within the specified timeframe. 

In the conduct of meetings, the order of business shall be under the direction of the Chairperson who shall make all parliamentary decisions.  Such decisions may be reversed by two-thirds majority of the voting members present and voting. 

VII. Amendments 

Subject to the approval of the AAMC Board of Directors, these Rules and Regulations may be amended or repealed and new Rules and Regulations may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the voting members present at any regular meeting of the Group for which prior written notice of the proposed changes has been given. 

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