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    Supporting Your Students' Request for Accommodations on High Stakes Exams

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    Medical students must take USMLE Step exams in order to progress in their education and later in their careers to become licensed physicians. For students with disabilities, the additional step of requesting accommodations requires vigilant attention to timing, documentation, and a lengthy personal statement.

    Students must make these requests for accommodations directly to the National Board of Medical Examiners. The process for requesting accommodations, standards and timelines for requests, and associated disability documentation requirements are often more stringent than those required to access accommodations in medical school.

    Disability Service professionals, Dean’s or other assigned administrators have a responsibility understand the process and educate their students about the policies and processes for application. DS providers, deans, and other support staff and play a key role in supporting students through the application process.

    This webinar, recorded on May 12, 2016 offers straightforward guidance on assisting students through the USMLE accommodation requests process including the appeals process.


    Neera Jain, MS, CRC
    University of California San Francisco

    Lisa M. Meeks, PhD
    UCSF School of Medicine