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    GSA Serving the Needs of Medical Student Diversity

    This webinar informs audiences about the role and function of the Group on Student Affairs-Committee on Student Diversity Affairs (GSA-COSDA) and the community of Student Diversity Affairs Representatives which represent approximately 400 diversity affairs professionals on medical school campuses.
    Acknowledging that medical schools vary in administrative structure, professional titles, policies and procedures, and culture, this webinar will offer strategies for engagement among diversity affairs professionals at a variety of professional levels. It also highlights the work of the GSA-COSDA.


    Gerald Yutrzenka, PhD
    Chair, GSA-Committee on Student Diversity (COSDA)
    USD Sanford School of Medicine

    Fidencio Saldana, MD, MPH
    Northeast Region Representative
    Harvard Medical School

    David McIntosh, PhD
    Southern Region Representative
    University of Louisville


    Webinar PowerPoint