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    Communications - GIP


    The GIP listserv is a general electronic forum for discussion of any matter related to academic medical center planning e.g., strategic planning, academic planning, clinical services planning, and marketing, facilities planning, information systems and telecommunications planning, and resource planning, among others. The GIP listserv is open to representatives of AAMC member institutions.

    Sample topics addressed on the GIP listserv include:

    • models for measuring physician performance
    • institutional policies on allocation of research space 
    • development of guidelines for measuring research lab productivity
    • models for projecting revenues for the medical school or for individual faculty members
    • consultants used for laboratory facilities, restructuring efforts, etc.
    • announcement of conferences, positions available, and information resources relevant to medical center planners

    The listserv can also be used as a resource to identify other GIP members who are interested in discussing a specific topic or subject. Ad hoc groups can be identified and formed using the listserv. Ad hoc groups who have similar interests can then convene outside of the listserv forum.

    To post a message to the list, send an email message addressed to gip@lists.aamc.org

    Read more about the listserv guidelines (PDF).

    If you have any questions about the listserv, please email gip@aamc.org

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