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Steering Committee - SGEA

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Nicole Borges, PhD
University of Mississippi Medical Center

John Luk, MD
University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School

Past Chair
Sonia J. Crandall, PhD, MS
Wake Forest University School of Medicine

UME Section Representative
April O. Buchanan, MD
University of South Carolina

GME Section Representative
Vera P. Luther, MD
Wake Forest School of Medicine

CPD Section Representative
Roy Strowd, MD
Wake Forest School of Medicine

MESRE Section Representative
Elizabeth B. Bradley, PhD
University of Virginia School of Medicine

OSR Representative
Michael Trainer
Mercer University School of Medicine

Communications Chair
Mohammed Khalil, PhD
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville

Tasha Wyatt, PhD
Augusta University

Peggy Hsieh
University of Texas, McGovern Medical School

Special Interest Group Coordinator
Andrea Berry
University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Innovation Award and Special Projects
Nadia Ismail
Baylor College of Medicine

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