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    CFAS Administrative Board Nominations

    Each year, four members of the CFAS Administrative Board either come up for re-election or rotate off the Ad Board. Additionally, this year we have the opportunity to nominate a new CFAS Chair-elect.

    This interactive PDF enables you to self-nominate or nominate a CFAS-rep colleague as a CFAS Administrative Board member or as Chair-elect of CFAS. In addition to the completed application form, we also would like an NIH-style bio sketch and a CV of the nominee. If you are nominating someone else rather than self-nominating and do not have that material, we will request it from the nominee.

    The deadline for nominations is April 23, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

    If you have questions about the process or nominee qualifications, please reach out to Scott D. Gitlin, MD, or Eric Weissman.

    Who Can Nominate

    Any active CFAS representative, including CFAS Affiliate reps, can nominate a current, active CFAS rep to serve on the CFAS Administrative Board or to serve as Chair-elect. A rep can be at any point in their term when serving on the CFAS Administrative Board.

    About CFAS Ad Board Roles

    CFAS Administrative Board positions require monthly virtual meetings and in times when it’s safe to travel, quarterly in-person meetings, and associated duties related to CFAS programming, committee work, and other projects, in addition to regular attendance at the CFAS Spring Meeting and the AAMC Annual Meeting. CFAS Administrative Board members are often tapped to serve as CFAS committee chairs, moderators and/or speakers in various sessions at the CFAS Spring Meeting or at the AAMC Annual Meeting. Like other CFAS representatives, CFAS Administrative Board members are required to pay registration fees and expenses related to AAMC and CFAS meetings, but expenses for other Ad Board activity, such as quarterly Governance Meetings in Washington if appropriate, are covered by the AAMC.

    The CFAS Chair-elect serves a two-year term on the AAMC’s Board of Directors in addition to being put into the CFAS leadership line. This is a time-intensive leadership role involving monthly interaction with the AAMC Board of Directors and increased interaction with the CFAS Ad Board, CFAS reps, and AAMC staff. The CFAS Chair-elect is also responsible for chairing the CFAS Program Committee and developing programming for future CFAS Spring meetings.

    While any engaged CFAS rep, including junior reps, are invited to serve in these roles, they are seen as a role for someone with experience in CFAS’ work, programing, and other activities for CFAS’ representative members.

    The new slate of CFAS leaders will be proposed by the CFAS Nominating and Engagement Committee in early 2021, and the new CFAS Administrative Board members will be voted upon by the CFAS constituency and announced at our 2021 joint CFAS/GFA Spring Meeting, for terms that will begin in November, 2021.