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Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS)

The Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS) identifies critical issues facing medical school faculty and academic societies and serves as a voice for both constituencies within AAMC’s leadership and governance structures.


2023 CFAS Spring Meeting Summary

Council of Faculty & Academic Societies

This is a monthly newsletter for CFAS reps

Council of Faculty & Academic Societies

This is a weekly news roundup for academic medicine professionals

Council of Faculty & Academic Societies

This is a collection of the upcoming news and events for CFAS

Council of Faculty & Academic Societies

Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS) members have a wide range of services, tools, and news digests available to them through the AAMC.

Guide to Council of Faculty and Academic Societies

The Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS) represents academic medicine faculty and academic societies within the AAMC’s governance and leadership structures. The council provides a voice for faculty and academic societies about critical issues to the AAMC as they relate to creation and implementation of the AAMC’s programs, services and policies. CFAS is comprised of more than 300 faculty representatives appointed by member medical schools and academic societies and serves as a communications conduit with faculty regarding matters related to the core missions of academic medicine.

CFAS has disseminated AAMC advocacy sign-on letters to academic societies; actively participated in a range of AAMC meetings, workshops, and events; and published peer-review content based on CFAS meeting sessions. CFAS reps have engaged in the National Academies of Medicine Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, which is co-sponsored by the AAMC, ACGME, and more than 30 other health professions organizations. CFAS reps have also presented multiple sessions at the AAMC’s annual meeting along with other AAMC-sponsored seminars and professional development conferences.

Additionally, CFAS has published informational resources on AAMC.org on advocacy issues affecting academic medicine, maintained the AAMC's Well-Being in Academic Medicine webpage and the online CFAS Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit, and led the AAMC's ongoing effort to define faculty.

There are two pathways to CFAS membership: 

  1. Medical school designation: Each AAMC member medical school may appoint two representatives, one faculty member within 10 years of initial career faculty appointment, the other a department chair, division chief, institute/center director, or comparable leader.
  2. Society designation: Each member academic society may appoint two representatives, one representative within 10 years of society membership, the other a more senior member of the society.

Together, CFAS representatives elect a 15-member administrative board to lead the council’s activities. The chair and chair-elect of CFAS serve as ex officio members of the AAMC Board of Directors.

Terms of Service: Representatives shall serve three-year terms, with no more than two consecutive terms. Individual representatives are eligible for reappointment after one term off the Council. If a medical school representative leaves his or her faculty position, that seat is re-opened for the school to fill.

To learn more about CFAS operations and Council structure, please read our Rules and Regulations (PDF)
CFAS Active Societies List

To inquire about membership or make a CFAS designation, please contact cfas@aamc.org.

The council's activities are led by a 15-member administrative board. Ad Board candidates self-nominate, are evaluated by the Nominating and Engagement Committee, and are confirmed by a vote of the CFAS membership at every other CFAS Spring Meeting. All CFAS representatives are welcome to join our committees to help translate the mission and values of CFAS into action.

CFAS committees are divided into structural committees that oversee the function and operations of CFAS and thematic committees that address important topical issues relevant to faculty in academic medicine. Reps can be appointed to structural committees for term-limited roles and any rep can participate in thematic committees based on interest.

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