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The State of Women in Academic Medicine: The Pipeline and Pathways to Leadership, 2015-2016

This report displays the state of women in academic medicine and helps you turn data into action to advance women at your institution.

Recent data on full-time faculty, department chairs, and medical school deans are available on the AAMC Faculty Roster website at

Archived Women in Academic Medicine reports from previous years are available upon request by emailing

Compare your school with the Benchmarking Tables:

2015-2016 Data Tables

Table1: Medical Students, Selected Years, 1965-2015 

Table2: Distribution of Residents by Specialty, 2005-2015 

Table3: Distribution of Full-Time Faculty by Department, Rank, and Gender, 2015 

Table4a: Distribution of Full-Time Women MD Faculty by Department and Rank, 2015 

Table4b: Distribution of Full-Time Women PhD Faculty by Department and Rank, 2015 

Table5: Distribution of Full-Time Faculty by Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Rank, 2015 

Table6a: 2015 Benchmarking - Full-Time Women Faculty New Hires and Departures 

Table6b: 2015 Benchmarking - Full-Time Men Faculty New Hires and Departures 

Table7: 2015 Benchmarking - Full-Time Faculty by Gender, Rank, and Tenure 

Table8: 2015 Benchmarking - Promotions for Full-Time Faculty 

Table9a: 2015 Benchmarking - Permanent Department Chairs 

Table9b: 2015 Benchmarking - Acting Department Chairs 

Table9c: 2015 Benchmarking - Interim Department Chairs 

Table10: 2015 Benchmarking - Permanent and Interim Decanal Positions 

Table11: Distribution of Chairs by Departments, Gender, and Race/Ethnicity, 2015 

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