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StandPoint™ Surveys

An organization’s most valuable asset is its people.

StandPoint™ Surveys offer a series of robust custom engagement surveys that delve into the unique factors at academic health institutions that are known to drive the engagement and retention of faculty and staff.

We partner with you to develop a comprehensive, customized approach to collecting employee feedback needed to support your institution’s goals, and offer a turnkey process for survey administration that ensures your institution can successfully collect rich and representative data.

Why Choose StandPoint Surveys?

Institutions that measure employee engagement experience:

  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

  • Positive individual-level performance of faculty and staff, including job performance and organizational citizenship behaviors (outcomes that contribute to improved organizational performance). 

  • Positive organizational-level performance, including quality of patient care, customer service quality, productivity, and various measures of financial performance.

Now Available: AAMC StandPoint™ Surveys: 2023 State of Medical School Faculty Engagement

Using data collected from approximately 18,000 full- and part-time faculty between late January 2020 and December 2022, this publication highlights insights into the most salient issues impacting faculty engagement in academic medicine and provides recommendation to help medical school increase engagement and retention of faculty.

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Promising Practices for Promoting Faculty Engagement and Retention

Promising Practices for Promoting Faculty Engagement and Retention at U.S. Medical Schools examines how insight from StandPoint Surveys has helped improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention at 12 U.S. medical schools. The publication includes a series of aggregate data from surveys conducted between 2013-2016, representing more than 23,000 faculty respondents, and examines the practices of 12 schools who used the survey data to develop and implement strategies that resulted in positive organizational change.

Download the Promising Practices publication (PDF)

Data from StandPoint Surveys is featured in several publications and presentations.

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Survey Offerings

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Engage Medical School Faculty

The StandPoint Faculty Engagement Survey provides the opportunity to assess specific areas of faculty engagement, as well as the effectiveness of your institution’s talent management policies and practices.

A man and a woman look at a computer together.

Understand the Needs of Staff

The AAMC created the StandPoint Staff Engagement Survey to assist medical school leaders in understanding the unique needs and drivers of engagement among staff.

Three health professionals look toward the camera and smile.

Align Interprofessional Teams

The AAMC offers the StandPoint Faculty Engagement Survey for Health Professions to schools of nursing, dentistry, allied health, pharmacy, and other health professions to allow institutions to measure faculty engagement across health science centers and identify areas for collaboration in building high-performing organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions


StandPoint Surveys is a collaboration between the AAMC and medical schools to ensure that academic medical centers are great places to work by providing tools and resources to help medical schools improve employee engagement, retention, and ultimately enhance institutional culture. StandPoint Engagement Surveys are evidence-based and designed to aid academic medical centers in developing talent management practices to attract and retain excellent employees. Through this program, your institution will be able to determine the changes you would like to see in the workplace and develop a plan to create those changes.

StandPoint Surveys offers multiple report packages to fit the needs of our members. Our pricing is based on the number and type of reports needed rather than the size of faculty or staff, to allow every institution to participate regardless of resources.

StandPoint Surveys was developed by academic medicine, for academic medicine. The survey is uniquely tailored to address the needs and experiences of medical school faculty and staff. Additionally, StandPoint represents the largest collection of responses from U.S. medical school faculty and staff.

Survey Administration

The first step in the process is to contact us at 202-828-0521 or standpoint@aamc.org. A member of our team will reach out to you to schedule a call and discuss next steps. In short, we will discuss your institutional goals, reporting options, and establish a time frame to survey your faculty and/staff.

The survey typically takes 15-20 minutes to complete, however this varies according to each respondent. Participants do not need to complete the survey at one time. They are allowed to save their responses and log back in at a time that is convenient to them.

Data Reporting

StandPoint Surveys offers a series of reports based on the needs of institution. Each participating institution receives an executive summary as well as a presentation of key findings and de-identified qualitative responses. Additionally, we offer reports broken out by demographic categories as well as at the department and division level. StandPoint Surveys staff works with you to develop reports that best meet your needs.

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