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StandPoint™ Faculty Engagement Survey

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The StandPoint™ Faculty Engagement Survey provides the opportunity to assess specific areas of faculty engagement, as well as the effectiveness of your institution’s talent management policies and practices.

Institutions can administer the StandPoint Faculty Engagement Survey at any time during the year. The survey provides participating institutions with relevant, actionable information that can be used as a powerful lever to create the kind of faculty workplace that facilitates excellent institutional performance and quality care. Our team assists you through the entire survey process. We provide the flexibility for you to choose survey and reporting options that best fits your institution’s needs. Our team partners with you to identify the best time to implement the survey, create customizations that support your institution’s goals, and access toolkits to maximize success.

Administer the Faculty Engagement Survey

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Participating U.S. Medical Schools


Average Faculty Response Rate


Faculty Responses to the Survey

What does the survey measure?

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Our survey, developed and reviewed by experts in survey design, academic medicine, talent management, and organizational development, grew from a series of in-depth focus groups with medical school clinical and basic science faculty members. This independent, research-based survey is used to assess drivers of faculty engagement and the effectiveness of faculty-related institutional policies and practices in the following domains:

  • Nature of Work
  • Focus on Medical School Mission
  • Workplace Culture
  • Department Governance
  • Medical School Governance
  • Relationship with Supervisor
  • Mentoring and Feedback
  • Opportunities for Career and Professional Growth
  • Promotion and Tenure Requirements
  • Promotion Equality
  • Collegiality and Collaboration
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Faculty Recruitment and Retention
  • Faculty Diversity and Inclusion
  • Clinical Practice Environment
  • Part-time Faculty Experiences
  • Global Satisfaction and Retention

Which reports are included?

Participating institutions receive a comprehensive set of qualitative and quantitative reports that address the specific needs of the institution. Our Standard Report package includes:

  • An executive summary highlighting key findings from the institution
  • A presentation of key findings for the medical school
  • 14 demographic benchmarking reports
  • Up to 29 aggregated department benchmarking reports
  • Dashboards for each participating department
  • Presentations for each participating department
  • A de-identified qualitative data report