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GFA Research & Project Development Subcommittee Updates

The Group on Faculty Affairs Research and Project Development Subcommittee oversees collaborative projects, promotes and coordinates scholarly activities with other AAMC Groups and Councils, and identifies opportunities for fostering scholarship in faculty affairs. The GFA has undertaken a number of projects designed to benefit the faculty affairs community at large. A specific goal was to create modalities to facilitate collaborative research projects among the GFA community.

Faculty Affairs Survey

The GFA Research Subcommittee's 10 year follow-up of a study first completed in 2000, looking at the diverse roles and responsibilities of Faculty Affairs Offices in all U.S. and Canadian medical schools was published in the September 2013 issue of Academic Medicine. The article, "Evolution of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development Offices in U.S. Medical Schools: A 10-Year Follow-up Survey," is now available on the Academic Medicine website. The updated survey was sent to all faculty affairs member offices, and completed in 2010, in hopes that the information obtained would assist existing and new medical schools in determining optimal roles, responsibilities and distribution of efforts for their own of faculty affairs offices.

Results of the 2000 study were published in a May 2002 Academic Medicine article, Status of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development Offices in U.S. Medical School .

Click here to view a copy of the survey 

Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Survey 

2017 GFA Conference Best-in-class Poster Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Best-in-class poster awards:

Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring

Building an Internal Executive Coaching Program: Infrastructure, Business Model and Early Outcomes
Sharon Hull
Coauthors: Ann Brown, Hull Womack
Duke University School of Medicine

Fostering Faculty Vitality

Recruiting Techniques to Identify and Attract Diverse Top Talent
Britt Booram
Coauthor: Megan Palmer
Indiana University School of Medicine

Wellness, Vitality and Satisfaction

The Implementation of a Faculty Wellness Program in a Canadian Medical School
Mithu Sen
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University

Faculty Development for Clinicians, Educators and Service Track Faculty

P&T Database: Not a Single Complaint!
Emily Freeman
Emery University School of Medicine
Coauthors: Jeannette M. Shorey II, Brenda Burks
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

2015 GDI/GFA Conference Best-in-class Poster Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Best-in-class poster awards:

Creating a Climate that Supports Faculty

Assessing an Academic Leadership Program: The Chair Collaboration and Leadership Program at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine
Donna Mulder
Coauthors: W.A. Anderson, W.C. Wadland
Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine

Building Synergies between Diversity and Inclusion and Faculty Affairs Offices

Diversity and Inclusion: Barriers and Facilitators for New Urban Medical Schools/Academic Health Centers
Nagaswami Vasan
Coauthors: R. Berget, J. Mitchel-Williams, A. Reboli
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Improving Faculty Affairs Offices

Retooling Faculty Development: Increasing Engagement through Technology for the Faculty of Tomorrow
Jennifer Allie
Coauthors: J.J. Snyder
University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix

Optimizing Approaches to Mentorship, Coaching, and Faculty Development throughout the Faculty Life Cycle

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion:  An Organized Approach through a Medical Specialty Academy
Sheryl Heron
Emery University School of Medicine
Coauthor: B. Lopez, L. Moreno-Walton, J. Moll, A. Pierce
Sidney Kimmel Medical College, LSU Health Science Center, Virginia Common Wealth University, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Tools for Investigators

The Research subcommittee of the GFA developed two documents to assist investigators as they pursue collaborative projects. These tools will facilitate the development of collaborative projects originating within the GFA community, stimulate faculty interest in collaborative research projects, and provide opportunities for GFA members to participate in meaningful research projects that may benefit the entire GFA and medical school community.

Research and Collaborative Proposals Submission Template

Authors of faculty-related research projects that are consistent with AAMC-GFA strategic priorities—"Help our members identify, implement, and sustain organizational effectiveness" and "Provide outstanding leadership and professional development to meet the most critical needs of our members"—are encouraged to utilize the new standardized process and submission format. This will assure a uniform process and application of the criteria and, most importantly, will provide the authors of approved projects with resources to collaborate with the AAMC and GFA, including utilization of AAMC databases. It is anticipated that projects conducted under the auspices of this process will result in greater knowledge and understanding of diverse issues facing the faculty affairs community.
Research and Collaborative Proposal Submission Template 

Authorship Guidelines for GFA Committee Publications

The subcommittee recently established guidelines for authors submitting scholarly faculty related publications to the GFA for approval. The guidelines are consistent with the International Committee of medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). GFA members planning to write a scholarly publication focused on faculty should review the guidelines and submit a request to the subcommittee.
Authorship Guidelines 

Research Resources