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GFA Carole J. Bland Phronesis Award


The GFA established the Carole J. Bland Phronesis Award to commemorate the legacy of service and example of Dr. Bland. This award serves to honor members of the faculty affairs community who exemplify the spirit of phronesis through dedicated and selfless promotion of faculty vitality.

Phronesis (fro-NEE-sis): Acting for the welfare of others without thought for the self; seeking and enabling heroically the development and success of others.

Dr. Carole J. Bland


Carole J. Bland devoted her professional career to serving the faculty at the University of Minnesota since receiving her doctorate there in 1974. Dr. Bland accepted her first position upon completion of her degree and continued there, ultimately becoming Assistant Dean for Faculty Development at the Medical School. Her work embodied a commitment to faculty success, and while her career included various titles, all of her work focused on the development of others in their professional careers. Dr. Bland served as a mentor to many, and she encouraged and trained others to be mentors. By her personal investments of time and knowledge, and by lecturing and publishing her work on mentoring and faculty development, Dr. Bland extended her effectiveness and shared her wisdom and values. She introduced the application of practices that nourished and supported faculty vitality in academia. The professional life she lived is a model which the Group on Faculty Affairs holds in the highest regard and will honor and remember with the Carole J. Bland Phronesis Award.

The GFA Steering Committee received approval from AAMC to establish this award upon securing the permission of Dr. Bland's family to name this award in her honor and in recognition of Dr. Bland's service to faculty affairs, faculty development and academic medicine.

Selection Considerations

Nominees for the annual Carole J. Bland Phronesis Award should be individuals with at least five years of history contributing to the field of faculty affairs or faculty development in academic medicine.  A selection committee appointed by the GFA Steering Committee will look for evidence of a nominee's excellence as:

  • an innovator,
  • a nurturer/mentor,
  • a leader, and
  • an educator/academician.

In addition to evidence in each of the above areas, the selection committee will consider regional and/or national impact in the areas of faculty affairs and faculty development. 

2013 Honoree

Laura F. Schweitzer, Ph.D.
Union Graduate College

2012 Honoree

Stephen P. Bogdewic, Ph.D.
Dr. George W. Copeland Professor of Family Medicine
Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Indiana University School of Medicine

2011 Honoree

Thomas R. Viggiano, M.D.
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
Mayo Medical School

2014 Timeline

March 2014

Call for nominations announced and submission materials available

April 7, 2014

Nominations for award due to AAMC

May 2014

Award recipient selected and notified

August 2014

2014 GFA Carole J. Bland Phronesis Award recipient announced and award presented at the GFA Professional Development Conference in Boston

Award Criteria and Selection Process