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Member Organization Solutions

The AAMC Member Organization Solutions (MOS) program is designed to meet the needs of our member institutions by providing data-driven solutions informed by AAMC subject matter expertise and resources.

As an alternative to traditional consulting, the MOS team partners with institutional leaders to utilize comprehensive assessments and analytics to inform strategic thinking and action. We offer complementary, confidential exploration meetings about any organizational problem you are trying to solve.

How we can help you:

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Due to the changing nature of health care and health professions education, institutions must continually self-assess and adapt to achieve their missions. The MOS offers a specialized menu of solution-focused services related to:

  • Strategic planning. Developing strategic goals for organizational improvement and success.
  • Workforce evaluation. Assessing dean’s office and department structure, faculty size, and staffing to support operations.
  • Shared governance. Improving how faculty, staff, and leadership work together.
  • Finances and budgeting. Creating operational efficiencies and financial sustainability.
  • Engagement and retention. Identifying actions to attract, engage, and retain talented faculty and staff.
  • Building equitable and inclusive cultures. Assessing culture and training individuals to build an environment that fosters equity and a sense of belonging.

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What to expect:

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Confidential partnership. We understand the sensitivity of your institution’s opportunities and challenges. Member Organization Solutions maintains strict confidentiality, ensuring your data and progress remain between you and our team.

Customized solutions. Because the MOS exclusively serves AAMC-member institutions, we understand the unique challenges within academic medicine and tailor customized solutions for your institution. We will partner with you to design solutions that are practical and actionable to address your challenges.

Accessible offerings. The AAMC is committed to the success of each member institution to improve the health of people everywhere. Our services are priced to accommodate any budget so that members can get the resources they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MOS exclusively serves AAMC-member institutions, which means we understand the unique challenges within academic medicine. In addition to providing high-quality data, analysis, and expertise, we guarantee confidential partnership, customized solutions, and accessible offerings.

Ultimately, our team is invested in your success. If your needs are beyond the scope of the MOS or we can’t accept your project within your timeframe, we will gladly make referrals to our expanding network of trusted consultants.

While the AAMC co-sponsors the administration of the LCME® operations, there is a clear firewall between the association’s work with schools and any LCME activities or oversight related to program accreditation. The MOS does not share any data with the LCME accrediting authority nor can we guarantee accreditation outcomes by using our services.

Introductory and discovery calls cost nothing.

If you choose to partner with us to find the solutions you need, a quote will be prepared based on the scale and complexity of the project. We operate on a cost recovery model. This includes staff time, as well as any travel or expense reimbursement.

Our experience and expertise cover a wide array of topics. A free, confidential initial conversation is a great way to discover if we can assist you. If we are unable to help you, we will connect you with someone who can. Contact us today to set up a call.