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Welcome to the ERAS 2018 Season

The ERAS 2018 season is now open, check out the full ERAS 2018 timeline for specific information.

On September 6th at 9:00 AM ET residency applicants may begin applying to ACGME-accredited programs, nine days before programs are given access to applications and supporting documents on September 15.

Note: Once applicants certify and submit their applications—including those completed during the early applications opening September 6 through September 15—they will not be able to make any changes to their applications except to the Personal Information section of the MyERAS application.

We strongly encourage applicants to research programs of interest before applying. To assist applicants in making informed decisions about the programs that are the best fit for their interests and skills, some programs provide details about their selection criteria and application requirements. An informational icon will appear beside the names of programs that have provided additional information when applicants search for them in MyERAS. Applicants can view this information by clicking on the Program name.

All letters of recommendations (LoRs) must be uploaded using the ERAS LoR Portal (LoRP) by LoR Authors or their designees. The designees may not be members of the hospital (in an advising role) or medical school staff member supporting in the application process. Should LoR authors require guidance or additional information on how to format and/or upload letters to the LoRP, please refer them to the User Guide and the LoRP website.

Below is a list of changes and enhancements we have made to MyERAS for the 2018 season.

MyERAS Terms and Conditions

MyERAS Terms and Conditions are set guidelines related to the use of the ERAS service. When applicants log into their AAMC account to register their token, they will be prompted to review the MyERAS Terms and Conditions. Applicants will be given the option to print and agree to the terms and conditions. In order to access the MyERAS application, applicants must accept the terms and conditions.

Application Import

Applicants that have certified and submitted a MyERAS application, during a previous application season (before ERAS 2018), will have the ability to import their prior application into the current season application. Using the new import feature, each application section will be transferred to the active application and applicants will have the ability to edit each section. Applicants must review and save each application section before they are able to Certify and Submit their ERAS 2018 application. The application import feature is only accessible before applicants certify and submit their application.

Applicants that have an application from a previous season will be given the option to import their application, after agreeing to the MyERAS Terms and Conditions. If an applicant does not import their application at that time, they have the ability to transfer their application information by using the Import button on the History tab.

ACGME - Osteopathic Recognition

The ACGME accredits residency and fellowship programs, in addition to granting recognition for additional program formats and components. Osteopathic Recognition for residency programs is supplemental to ACGME-accreditation. Recognition provides an additional acknowledgment that is conferred to programs that provide training in Osteopathic Principles and Practices (OPP).

Some programs that have Osteopathic Recognition offer trainings that are not specifically related to OPP. The MyERAS application distinguishes programs with Osteopathic Recognition using filters and visual indicators, in addition to information related to training types.

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Upcoming Dates

September 6, 2017

Applicants start applying to ACGME-accredited residency programs only.
Note: All ACGME residency applicants who applied between September 6 and September 14 will display with a September 15 applied date to programs.

September 15, 2017

ACGME- accredited residency programs start receiving applications.

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