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Medical Education Scholarship Research and Evaluation (MESRE) Section

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The Section for Medical Education Scholarship Research and Evaluation (MESRE) enhances the quality of research in medical education and to promote its application to educational practice.


Annotated Bibliography of Journals for Educational Scholarship 2019 

This update to the Annotated Bibliography of Journals for Educational Scholarship was coordinated by the SGEA in collaboration with members from the CGEA, NEGEA, WGEA. The Annotated Bibliography is provides scholars and researchers with detailed information about the topics, types of manuscripts, and audiences for more than 60 journals that publish health professions education manuscripts.

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Guide to Medical Education Scholarship Research Evaluation Section

The goal of the Section is to continuously improve the conduct of medical education research by:

  • Continuing scholarship and application of new knowledge;
  • Improving the quality of training in medical education research and fostering the continued development of researchers;
  • Facilitating collaboration among individuals representing a broad range of disciplines who contribute to scholarship in medical education;
  • Through the annual RIME Conference, facilitate the exchange of research findings, disseminate the results of this research, and encourage their application to educational practice.

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Learn more about the MESRE Steering Committee

The Research in Medical Education (RIME) Program Planning Committee is responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the RIME component of the AAMC Medical Education Meeting.  Learn more about the RIME Committee.